‘Shark Tank’: Where To Buy SORSOAP Massage Bar Soap

SORSOAP on Shark Tank

There is a new episode of Shark Tank on TV tonight. This means viewers at home will get to see four new products offered up to the sharks for possible investments. One of these products is a new cleaning object for anyone who wants to recover from muscle soreness. The product is called SORSOAP and is from a company called SORx.

Here is what you need to know about SORSOAP from Shark Tank and where you can buy it.

What Is SORSOAP From Shark Tank?

David Restiano and Dr. Dan Staats co-founded SORx and they are bringing their SORSOAP to Shark Tank to see if they can get some investment help from the sharks. This is an all-natural soap tool that helps users recover from muscle soreness. It also helps reduce bacteria on the skin.

David Restiano and Dr Dan Staats with SORSOAP on Shark Tank

SORSOAP is a tool that is made from triple-milled, ultra-hard essential oil soap. Its flavor includes a mixture of chamomile, menthol, and lavender. These three scenes provide both a nice aroma and therapeutic benefits, which will soothe, cool, and reduce inflammation.

The co-founders bring different aspects into the company. David is an athlete who wanted to help people like him receive relief from sore muscles. As for Dr. Staats, he specializes in physical therapy and orthopedic musculoskeletal dysfunction. Together, they wanted to find something that could help ease people’s pain.

Dr. Staats ran clinical trials with Jersey Mike’s employees, wanting to see what worked to help on-the-job performance and functionality. SORSOAP users saw significant improvements in wrist flexion, wrist extension, and hand-grip strength. The company created the SORSOAP and SORTOOL Pro for DIY recovery exercises.

SORx did say these will not cure all pain problems and injuries. Instead, it is meant to be a quality-of-life improvement for people wanting help in pain management. They say it can help with faster recovery times and reduced strains for injuries like shin splints.

Where To Buy SORSOAP From Shark Tank

For anyone who wants to learn more about SORSOAP after seeing it on Shark Tank, visit the company website at www.sorsoap.com. Once on the website, there are several products offered for sale.

The SORSOAP Starter Pack itself runs $23. This is an all-natural Graston-type soap tool made from triple-milled, ultra-hard essential oil-powered soap. Each bar/tool lasts about 15 to 21 days when used according to directions. The Starter Pack includes two SORSOAPs and a suction cup to hang them on. One bar runs $12.

The company also offers other options. A Citrus 2-pack with the holder is $22. The SORTOOL Pro costs $34 and is a massage recovery tool (without soap). Extra suction cups cost $3.99 and a SORx Soap Saving Bag is $3.99 to hold the small leftover soap in when it no longer works in the tool.

Customers can also get the SORSOAP, suction cup, saving bag, and the SORx Tool for $56 in a bundle. The company also sells the SORSOAP on Amazon, but it costs more at $29.99.

What were your thoughts on the SORSOAP massage bars from Shark Tank? Does it seem like something you might want to try? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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