Jewel Gets Candid About Relationship With Kevin Costner

Jewel Dating Kevin Costner - YouTube

For the first time, Jewel gets candid about her relationship with Yellowstone star Kevin Costner. Everyone wants to talk about the relationship between the singer, and Hallmark alum, with the newly-single, award-winning actor.

What did she reveal? Most of all, what did she not deny?

Here is the latest news.

Kevin Costner, Yellowstone - YouTube
Kevin Costner, Yellowstone – YouTube

What Does Jewel Say About Her Relationship With Kevin Costner?

On Wednesday, Jewel was featured in Elle Magazine. In the interview, she did not shy away from talking about Kevin Costner. What did she reveal? Firstly, she is called “an open book.” Moreover, she didn’t shy away from talking about her “rumored beau” who portrays the unforgettable John Dutton.

Firstly, she shares, “He’s a great person.” In addition, “blushing” she added, “the public fascination is intense for sure.”

That was it. Although she said very little, she revealed a whole lot. First, she was blushing. If she did not have some sort of romantic interest in the Field Of Dreams star, that would not be her response.

Next, she did not deny the relationship. By mentioning the “public fascination,” she essentially confirms the relationship. There is no protestation or avoidance. Instead, she seems to embrace it and she seems to really like him.


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Who Matched Up Jewel With Yellowstone Star?

A lot of Yellowstone fans may wonder how Jewel met Kevin Costner. Although Jewel’s cousin Q’orianka Kilcher also stars in the Taylor Sheridan-created series, it appears that Richard Branson was the matchmaker.

Branson and Costner have been friends for years. Jewel has been friends with Branson for many years as well. Richard Branson is no stranger to putting things together, that includes these two friends. It seems like he is quite good at matchmaking because the two seem destined.

Kevin loves the old way of doing things. As for Jewel, whose family stars in the Discovery series, Alaska: The Last Frontier, grew up on the famed Kilcher homestead. Both love to sing and play guitar.

Both ride horses and fish. She reportedly likes his “Country and Western vibe.” It is not hard to figure out why he likes her. Jewel is fantastic. She is a talented singer, writer, artist, and mental health advocate. She is just as comfortable at Fashion Week as she is in the forest.

This relationship was first disclosed after a charity fundraiser on Branson’s Necker Island. Kevin was shown with his arms around Jewel as she introduced her Inspiring Children Foundation. After Kevin’s messy Hollywood divorce, this new romance has fascinated fans of both stars.

Kevin Costner and Jewel fans, what do you think of Jewel’s recent comments about Kevin?

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