‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’: Jewel Kilcher Gives Words Of Wisdom

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The Discovery Channel series, Alaska: The Last Frontier, follows the Kilcher family as they live and survive in the Alaskan wilderness. The Kilcher family lives on the original 600-acre homestead settled by Yule and Ruth Kilcher over 80 years ago. The family lives off the land as they prepare for the harsh Alaskan winters. They live without running water and electricity. The Kilcher family hunts, fishes, gathers, and farms for their food. Things are not easy as the Kilcher Family works together living in Alaska: The Last Frontier.

Last Time On Alaska: The Last Frontier 

Season 10 of Alaska: The Last Frontier just aired its 11th episode. Fans were tense watching as the Kilcher family rushed to prepare for the upcoming winter. We also saw Atz Sr. stalking a bear as well as Otto coming to the rescue for a friend. Fans are especially touched by Eve Kilcher who expressed her struggle with homeschooling her children during the Covid-19 pandemic. Fans are flocking to her Instagram page to thank the Alaska: The Last Frontier star for speaking out about what many parents have also experienced.

Among these reactions to this week’s episode, fans also commented on another photograph shared by Eve. On a picture of Eve’s daughter, Sparrow Rose Kilcher, fans commented on her likeness to family member Jewel Kilcher.

Jewel Kilcher

Jewel Kilcher is the daughter of Atz Kilcher. She is also an accomplished singer. She undoubtedly has her grandmother, Ruth Kilcher, to thank for that. Ruth was an aspiring opera singer who fled Germany before the beginning of World War II. Ruth settled in Alaska where she married Yule Kilcher. She would have eight children and teach them all to sing and play instruments.

Atz would go on to teach Jewel to sing in good harmony. He stressed “punctuality and being professional”. At age 15, Jewel was accepted to a fine arts school in Michigan. However, she would need to raise money for tuition. She sings her first solo show in Homer, Alaska where she brings in $11,000 for tuition.

Jewel graduates and begins singing in local coffee shops, as well as, write her songs. Several record labels begin approaching Jewel to sign with them. However, she chooses to sign with Atlantic Records in 1994. She chooses Atlantic Records simply because they do not want to change her. 12 million records later and Jewel is a superstar well known for Pieces of You as well as Stronger Woman.

Words Of Wisdom

Jewel recently spoke to her fans when she shared a post by Hilary Swank on Instagram. She shared the story of a lost sheep, seen below, and simply commented “Never let the bad ones harden you”.

(Instagram Pic)
(Jewel Instagram Pic)

Take a lesson from Jewel. Do not let anyone change who you are. Be sure to tune in on January 31st for an all-new episode of Alaska: The Last Frontier and check back with TV Shows Ace for more news and updates.


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