Blac Chyna Breaks Silence On ‘Where Is Wendy Williams?’

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Blac Chyna goes by the name of Angela White these days, and she was on the Where is Wendy Williams? docuseries on Lifetime. This week, she opened up about it and why she felt it was important that it aired on TV. In some ways, the two famous people have something in common, and one of those is a love for good food. But, it goes deeper than that.

Blac Chyna Seemed Compassionate With Wendy

Angela White took back her real name after she realized that her life was not worth living the way she’d chosen. In fact, she became baptized, shut down her OnlyFans, and started thinking about her kids. Wendy Williams supported her turnabout in life, and later, when the talk show host could hardly remember anyone, compassion, and love flowed from Blac Chyna.

Blac Chyna AKA Angela White Showed Wendy Williams Compassion - Lifetime
Blac Chyna AKA Angela White Showed Wendy Williams Compassion – Lifetime

While Blac Chyna was undergoing her transformation, Wendy Williams was deteriorating. It wasn’t just alcohol and drugs that made her unable to make a comeback. Sadly, she was also diagnosed with progressive aphasia, a form of frontotemporal dementia. In the Lifetime docuseries, the way Angela White told Wendy that she looked beautiful when she removed her wig, was a tear-jerker for viewers.

Angela White Opens Up On Where Is Wendy Williams?

On April 10, Angela spoke with ET’s Diedre Behar about the scenes on the show, and about why she felt it was an important docuseries. For a while, they talked about how Wendy wasn’t always friendly, and she could be sassy and sharp. But what made her go and see the poor personality when she barely knew what was going on? If you recall, they cuddled up together and people praised Rob Kardashian’s ex.

Angela White AKA Blac Chyna - ET YouTube
Angela White AKA Blac Chyna – ET YouTube

Blac Chyna felt that it was so important for people to see the Lifetime docuseries because it resonated with her. Personally, she hasn’t watched all of it. But, she also struggled with alcohol. So, there’s that. But more frightening is the thought that it could literally happen to anyone. She said:

I feel like…people actually do need to see it because it is happening and it can really, honestly happen to anybody. You just never know, and hopefully, maybe this is gonna help other people to see…Struggling with the alcohol like that was one of my things…So to see Wendy…struggling obviously with the alcohol and her substances over the years…it hurts and it’s like the alcohol part with me, so it’s like I can relate to that.

What are your thoughts about Blac Chyna recognizing that what happened to Wendy Williams could happen to anyone? Are you glad that she never turned her back on her friend? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Lifetime news. 

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