Blac Chyna Shaves Head, Nearly Bald In New Video

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Blac Chyna has undergone some serious lifestyle changes recently. The former reality TV star is now going by her birth name, Angela White, and she has been sharing the positive changes she’s making in her life with her fans. However, many people were shocked by her most recent update, which revealed that she shaved her head. Look at the star’s new look below and why she said she decided to make this major move.

Blac Chyna Has Done A Complete 180

Angela White has done a complete 180 from her persona as “Blac Chyna.” According to the reality star, she was ready to make some positive changes in her life. She’s been making headlines recently for getting baptized and getting serious about improving herself.


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First, Blac Chyna made headlines when she decided that she would go by her birth name. Then, she got baptized and announced that she would reverse much of her plastic surgery. She has had fillers removed and her posterior shots were removed as well. Chyna has also undergone surgery to reduce the size of her breasts as well. At the time, she revealed that it was her fifth boob job (and hopefully her last).

She has even gone on to encourage her followers to have their cosmetic surgery reversed. In many cases, silicone injections can be harmful to your body. Although Blac Chyna hasn’t experienced any of these side effects herself, she said that she felt she needed to have them removed to grow as a person.

According to Chyna, she is “passed that stage” in her life and she is looking to remove all the negative energy in and around her. She has been documenting the different stages of her makeover. Fans were floored by the latest reveal.

Blac Chyna’s New Look & Advice For Fans

In addition to reversing her plastic surgery, Blac Chyna has also retired her signature long manicured nails for something more natural looking. She’s even had one of her tattoos removed. That isn’t what has her fans talking though.

Apparently, Blac Chyna shaved her head. She took to Instagram to share this part of her makeover journey with her fans in the wee hours of the morning. The post was time-stamped 1:23 a.m. and showed the reality star with a nearly bald head.

Blac Chyna showing off her new look on Instagram
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In the video, Chyna talked about this step in her makeover process and encouraged people who are considering a big chop to just do it. The post included a snapshot of Blac Chyna with a fresh shave in the bottom left corner while she spoke with three months of hair growth in nothing but a towel.

Blac Chyna said that cutting her hair and continuing with her makeover has been freeing. Many of her fans hopped in the comments to show their support. One person commented, “That being FREE part is everything. Don’t mind the negative energy, God’s grace upon youπŸ™.” Another stated that Chyna actually looks younger and prettier than before.

What do you think about Blac Chyna’s makeover and new lifestyle? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. Good Bless You Angela White, I Wish You All The Best In Your Transformation.
    I’m Loving The New You, And Your Haircut Is Awesome. Keep On Doing Just What Makes Angela Happy. You Look Really Beautiful πŸ™πŸΎπŸŒΉπŸŒΉβ€οΈ

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