‘Tamron Hall Show’ Cancelled After Studio Audience Is Evacuated

Tamron Hall - YouTube/Tamron Hall Show

The Tamron Hall Show was canceled on Wednesday after the studio audience had to evacuate the building. Tamron shared an update about what happened and said, that for the first time, the show would not be aired live. Instead, viewers were treated to a re-run of Monday’s eclipse episode. Here’s what led to the cancellation of Wednesday’s show.

Tamron Hall Sits In An Empty Studio On Wednesday’s Episode

Tamron Hall took a moment to address the audience at home live about missing the show’s regular schedule. Sitting in front of a completely empty studio, she shared what happened.

”Hi everybody, welcome to the show,” she said. “I know this looks a little different around here. I am, in fact, live in front of a black screen because we have had something happen that’s never happened in the five seasons of the Tamron Hall Show. We are not able to air the show scheduled for today.”

Tamron Hall - YouTube/Tamron Hall Show
YouTube/Tamron Hall Show

After reassuring viewers that everyone was okay, Tamron Hall shared that she had planned on talking about Lenny Kravitz’s viral workout video. She said that the introduction to the show would have been much better than the footage of everyone evacuating the building.

Then the daytime TV host shared the reason behind the evacuation. Apparently, there was a fire.

Flames Put A Halt To Tamron Hall Show 

“We had a grease fire in our kitchen,” Tamron explained. “Just about an hour and a half ago, the entire staff, we were in place preparing for our live show today. The audience was in the holding area of the show, preparing to come out here and cheer and have a phenomenal show today. But as my friend Bevy Smith says, ‘Sometimes life be living,’ and that’s what happened today.”

She went on to clarify that everyone was safe. “We were able to evacuate from the studio,” she said. “And now we are in the cleanup phase of the show.” Then she turned around the camera to display the skeleton crew that was assisting her in sending out the message to live viewers.

Tamron Hall - YouTube/Tamron Hall Show
YouTube/Tamron Hall Show

Ending her message to fans, Tamron Hall promised that she is planning to continue her fashion stylists and hair stylists showcase that is ongoing. The talk show host also thanked all of the first responders who made it to the studio quickly and managed the incident. She also graciously thanked her audience members who all remained calm and acted in the best interest of everyone’s safety.

Hosts of The View also had to evacuate their studio as well because the two shows are filmed in the same building. The co-hosts were forced out into the street along with their audience members as firefighters responded to the scene.

The Tamron Hall Show and The View both air on weekdays on ABC.

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