Why Isn’t ‘General Hospital’ Airing Today?

Maurice Benard - YouTube/General Hospital

There is going to be a shakeup in programming for General Hospital fans today. The beloved soap opera won’t be airing at its regular time. It will be preempted on Monday, April 8. Here is what will be airing instead and when GH will return to its regular schedule.

Why Isn’t General Hospital On Today?

The solar eclipse that is passing over North America is the reason General Hospital won’t be airing today. ABC News and Nat Geo have teamed up to broadcast live coverage of the eclipse. The special is called Eclipse Across America. It is scheduled to start at 2 p.m. EST, which coincides with GH‘s regular schedule.

Of course, no one ever likes to hear their favorite show isn’t going to be on the air. This is a planned national preemption though, so the episode won’t air for anyone. With local preemptions, fans typically have to look for the latest episode online to keep up with the storyline.

Finola Hughes - YouTube/General Hospital
YouTube/General Hospital

For those who live in an area where General Hospital will air after the national event, an encore episode will air to fill the time slot. So, you won’t be seeing anything new.

That being said, there won’t be any new episodes uploaded to ABC.com or Hulu on Monday either. The next new episode will air on Tuesday, April 9, and will be available to stream later that day.

What To Expect This Week On GH: Spoilers

In the video preview for the week, ABC highlights the tension building up in several different storylines on the soap opera.

It looks like things are going to continue to be tense on General Hospital this week. Drew and Nina are going to get into a fight, but could it lead to romance? Later in the week, she will come to the wrong conclusion which may mess things up.

Sonny and Jason’s last meeting was heated, to say the least. The bad feelings Sonny has toward Jason are growing stronger and stronger by the day. Is reconciliation even a possibility? We will see how things unfold this week on GH. 

Steve Burton - YouTube/General Hospital
YouTube/General Hospital

Several characters on the show may be going into business together. Curtis and Drew may be business pals soon, and Alexis may join Diane’s law firm. However, the latter business deal will depend on the outcome of Alexis’ appeal. Gregory will step up and be there for Alexis in her time of need.

Sasha and Cody fans may finally get the storyline they’ve been pining for. It looks like Sasha is finally going to admit that she likes spending time with Cody at the stables.

Here is a video preview of what you can expect this week on General Hospital.

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