Bravo Fans Rushing To Peacock For ‘Uncensored’ Entertainment

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Bravo fans are rushing over to streaming service, Peacock, for “uncensored” entertainment. It seems that there is a lot more content in episodes that is far more appealing. So, what kind of content has Bravo fans going wild? Keep reading for more information.

Bravo Fans Rushing To Peacock For ‘Uncensored’ Entertainment

When Peacock came along, the best part was it had all of the best Bravo shows that fans loved. Prior to this, they were airing on streamers such as Hulu. Essentially, if diehard Housewives and Vanderpump Rules fans wanted to watch all of the seasons, they had a few choices. There was the Bravo app or they could subscribe to Hulu. Then, Peacock came out and all Bravo shows were removed from most non-NBCUniversal streaming services.

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With this new streamer, all Housewives franchises and seasons were available along with Below Deck, spinoffs, and more. Then, they started to try out extended and uncensored versions of the reunions. This meant fans could hear the cast cursing at each other with bonus footage not seen on Bravo. Then, it spawned into extra special episodes of some shows along with after shows that added even more insight to the episodes. Plus, the cast spilled behind-the-scenes tea.


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Recently, a Reddit thread was started to discuss how excited fans were to see what the streamer offered:

  • Peacock seemingly has uncensored main episodes, not just reunions now! This is not a drill. I’ll have to check other Bravo shows, but watching Vanderpump Rules from last week and I’m hearing all the ‘get the f**k out of here’s from Ariana to Tom now! I’ve been waiting for this day since they announced last November that reunions would be uncensored on Peacock.

So, what was the reaction from other faithfuls?

  • I wish they would do all bravo shows uncensored. So much better than beep beep beeps.
  • I thought I was going crazy asking myself if they’ve always been uncensored and I honestly couldn’t remember.
  • I’m obsessed with Peacock! The uncensored format and what feels like less commercials than cable is worth it!

This Is The Best

Some fans noted that having the uncensored versions helped them understand what the cast was saying. Oftentimes, they can get so caught up in yelling and cursing at each other that no one knows what is coming out of their mouths. Yet, without the blurred words, it all makes sense. Unfortunately, Peacock is not available to everyone so that was a bummer while others had no idea the content that they were missing. The best part is some classic fan-favorite shows from Bravo’s past will be streaming starting April 15th so just another reason to hop aboard.

Did you have any idea all of the uncensored fun that existed over on the streamer? Let us know in the comments below.

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