‘American Idol’ Fans Call For Judges To Bring Contestant Back

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American Idol contestant Ziggy Krassenberg was not chosen to move forward to the Top 24. Although the judges chose Mackenzie Sol over Ziggy, many fans have taken to social media to beg them to bring him back as a wild card contestant. Is this something that could potentially happen? Keep reading to see what fans are saying.

Ziggy’s Time On Idol Comes To An End

The Season 22 contestant unfortunately met his end in the competition and didn’t make it to the Top 24. Ziggy, 22, is originally from The Netherlands and when he auditioned for American Idol he quickly became a fan favorite.

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Ziggy’s story about his drug-addicted mother and dead father resonated with Idol fans. His two-tone hair and bubbly personality had viewers at home hooked immediately. Ziggy auditioned with “Million Reasons” by Lady Gaga, which earned him a golden ticket and a trip to Hollywood.

Unfortunately, when it came time for Final Judgment, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie asked him to participate in a sing-off against Mackenzie Sol. Mackenzie and Ziggy had to sing “Jealous” by Labrinth. In the end, the judges decided to take Mackenzie into the Top 24 and not Ziggy.

American Idol Fans Call For Ziggy’s Return

The official American Idol Instagram page announced the performers that made it into the Top 24 and fans sounded off in the comments, demanding they bring Ziggy back.

One person commented, “America should get to be able to vote for Ziggy! I love his Adam Lambert vibes and his amazing soul.” Another viewer chimed in, “You should’ve totally created another spot for Ziggy. He was great! This is insane.” A third wrote, “99% of the comments are for Ziggy. Admit you made a mistake and surprise us next week.”

Ziggy made his own post on Instagram, wishing his fellow contestants good luck in Hawaii. He captioned the post, “I wish everyone of my Idol Family The best with their Hawaii performances.”

More of Ziggy’s fans took to the comments to show their support and beg for him to be brought back as a Wild Card.

“Bring back Ziggy, let America vote. Ziggy was brought to America to be on Idol for a reason,” one person wrote. “Come on Idol do a Wild Card and bring Ziggy back. Listen to us fans.”

While American Idol fans have made it painfully clear they want to bring Ziggy back for the Top 24 Round, it isn’t possible. The episode in Disney’s Aulani Resort & Spa in Hawaii has already been filmed.

It is possible that he could return for the first live competition episode next week, but there is no precedent set for having contestants return.

A new episode of American Idol airs tonight at 8 p.m. EST.

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