‘American Idol’ Fans Lash Out Over Katy Perry’s Cruel Treatment

Katy Perry on American Idol / YouTube

Katy Perry has a way of tricking some American Idol contestants in how she words her announcements on who is moving on to the next rounds. She often tells the singers something that makes it seem like they are going home. However, her words are often turned around when she gives the actual good news. They are moving on.

However, when she did it this week on American Idol, she had Odell Bunton Jr. in tears and fans were not happy about it.

Katy Perry Makes Contestant Cry On American Idol

Katy Perry has a habit of making people think they are going home when they, in fact, are moving on during their American Idol journeys. Whether this is her or if writers are giving her these lines, it has done a lot to make many fans feel anger at the judge. It happened again this week with Odell Bunton Jr., and when he burst into tears, fans began calling out Katy as “cruel.”

Odell Bunton Jr talking to Katy Perry on American Idol / YouTube

Odell was one of the contestants trying to move on in the American Idol competition and many felt he had done enough during Hollywood Week. After his performance, he sat down to talk to Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan about his journey. He told the story of his living conditions, residing with 12 other people in a hotel room with two beds and a little kitchen.

Katy admitted that she has no idea what that feels like, but feels it shows that Odell has a lot of strength to push and fight for his future. She then delivered the fake out. She said, “We have to make decisions that are hard. Even when life is hard. Unfortunately this as far we can take you.”

It was, honestly, a perfectly worded fake out, but there was a long pause as Odell thanked them and began to break down in his chair. That is when Katy delivered the second half of her line, when she said, “It’s gonna be up to America from here on out because you’re in our Top 24.”

Fans Bash Katy Perry After Her American Idol Fake Out

She was completely honest, as this was the last time the judges would push people on, so there is nothing left for them to do and they have no control over his future now. However, the pause especially made this one very hard for American Idol fans to take.

After Katy Perry delivered the good news, Odell broke down in tears and the three judges came to him and gave him hugs and support. However, fans were not as quick to forgive the judge (via The Sun).

  • “Katy!!!!! Why you make us cry like this #AmericanIdol.”
  • “That was not nice Katy.”
  • “”OMG!! My heart dropped for a second when Katy did that!!! Damn you Katy Perry!! I’m sooooooo glad that Odell Bunton Jr. is in the Top 24!!!”
  • “Nah Katy is wrong for that.”

What are your thoughts about Katy Perry’s regular fakeouts for contestants on American Idol? Do you think it is mean, or is it just part of the entertainment factor of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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