‘American Idol’ Fans Boycotting The Show For Surprising Reason

Katy Perry - YouTube, American Idol

American Idol fans are threatening to boycott the show after watching the latest episodes. It seems like viewers have grown tired of a certain aspect of the competition show and they just want to see the contestants perform, nothing more. Keep reading to see why long-time American Idol viewers say they may walk away from the program.

Fans In An Uproar After Something ‘So Wrong’

Katy Perry recently made a contestant cry in a move American Idol viewers that was wrong. She faked out Odell Bunton Jr. during a recent episode.

Odell was asked about his home life and he got emotional, stating that life at home was “rough.” He revealed that 12 of them were living in a hotel room together. Katy went on to say she had no idea how hard 12 people living in one room must be.

Katy Perry - YouTube, American Idol
YouTube/American Idol

“[But] we have to make decisions that are hard. Even when life is hard. Unfortunately, this is as far we can take you,” she continued.

The fan-favorite contestant was visibly upset before she said, “It’s gonna be up to America from here on out because you’re in our Top 24.”

A number of American Idol fans took to to slam Katy Perry for her actions. “Katy I hate you for that,” one person wrote, while another said that she had Odell Bunton Jr. thinking he was going back to the hotel room with 12 people tonight.

That isn’t the only thing that has fans up in arms recently though.

American Idol Fans Are Tired Of ‘Sob Stories’

One contestant shared that their loved one was dying from cardiomyopathy. A fan took to social media to discuss how they don’t want to hear about the sappy stories every time someone gets on stage.

“I really can’t with the sob stories anymore especially with the ‘sneaky’ edits,” they wrote. “I didn’t want to be reminded of that pain while I’m just trying to enjoy a singing competition. This show is supposed to be a distraction from the troubles of everyday life, not make the viewer break down while watching.”

“I thought I forwarded through the sad stuff, begin the song, and then WHAM! a recounting of a loved one’s death and a reminder to me of my own pain. It’s got to stop,” the person continued. “I don’t know how much more I can watch of this show if they don’t get a new showrunner soon.”

As it turns out, this person isn’t the only one that feels this way. Many others chimed in with their grievances about American Idol and the “sob stories” as well.

Payton Riley - YouTube, American Idol
YouTube/American Idol

“It’s not going to stop,” one person simply wrote. “If anything, they’ll just keep going with the stories,” another viewer chimed in. “I feel like to an extent, the stories are exploitive.” A third person agreed, “I just want to see talented people perform.”

Several other people said that they don’t watch the show live for this reason alone. They DVR it or wait until it is available to stream so that they can fast-forward through the sappy parts.

One fan was a voice of reason in the entire conversation though. They pointed out that the statistics have shown that contestants with backstories have a better chance of winning and are generally more popular with viewers. If Idol is paying any attention to the stats on Facebook and how people interact with the contestants’ backstories, they may not think there is any problem with it.

What do you think? Are the backstories too much? Sound off in the comments below.

Amanda Blankenship


  1. I love American Idol. it shows real people and their issues. These last few years with these judges make it great! They all seem to get along. I couldn’t wait for the show to come back. Take a chill pill haters!

  2. I’m sick of it as well. I just roll my eyes and ff thru it. so it’s a contest abt who has the saddest story and not abt the talent? they pulled that with a dog grooming competition with host rebel Wilson and it was so annoying I couldn’t finish the season.

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