‘Vanderpump Rules’ Is Lala Kent Losing Her Grip In Blind Rage?

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Is Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent losing her grip in a blind rage? It appears that viewers are about done with “Lauren from Utah” as they have started to call her. So, how has she shifted, and what has made them feel she has changed so dramatically? Keep reading for more details.

Vanderpump Rules Is Lala Kent Losing Her Grip In Blind Rage?

Lala Kent has always been known to have a sharp tongue and be a fierce woman not to be messed with. Yet, things have progressively gotten worse since her engagement ended with Randall Emmett. She is bitter, angry, and has a superiority complex. When Ariana met a new man, Daniel Wai, immediately, Lala admitted she was skeptical of his motives and any guy who came around. Then, she and Katie Maloney had a falling out in Season 10 and it trickled over to this season. When Lala brought it up elsewhere, Katie disputed. Lala bit back and said Katie had “amnesia” and other unkind things.

Katie Maloney & Lala Kent [Source: YouTube]
Katie Maloney, Lala Kent-YouTube
She is becoming overly angry and a TikToker took fans through the origin of Lala. She came to Vanderpump Rules in Season 4 portraying this rough and tough girl. In actuality, she had two supportive parents who were there for her always, hence why Randall was able to prey on her. @YouKnowNat tried to say that Randall treating her horribly was the first “hardship” she ever experienced but that’s not entirely true. Lala claimed she grew up bullied and her father passed away unexpectedly before Season 7 which wrecked her.

@youknownat LaLa pretending she’s SO street smart, while being the only cast member who got duped by some offbRand Hollywood producer is my roman empire 😅 #lalakent #vanderpumprules #vpr #pumprules #bravotv #givethemlala #katiemaloney #arianamadix #tomsandoval #wormwithamustache #itsnotaboutthepasta #teamariana #randallemmett #scheanashay #scheanaandbrock ♬ original sound – YouKnowNat

The TikTokker added Lala Kent wanted to believe that her custody battle was the biggest thing ever. Even her documentary should have blown up but ‘Scandoval’ happened and dominated the Vanderpump world. She could not achieve fame on her own and even when Randall did her dirty, ‘Scandoval’ one-upped her. Cameras followed her but only to ask about Ariana, Sandoval, or Rachel Leviss. The thought is she is losing her grip because she doesn’t have her own fame so she has to endlessly bash the cast to feel better.

Is She Chronically Angry?

Has Lala Kent become so angry and stuck in this blind rage because she has no idea where she is going? Can she not achieve her own fame so she has to hurt others to feel better about herself? Remember, she did make a killing off of her “Send It To Darrell” merch which spawned from ‘Scandoval.’ So, what did fans of the show have to say? They started a Reddit thread to address Lala’s anger issues:

  • Definitely losing it… she tried pregnancy reveal and everything she could, but still her anger takes over and no one can watch that tranwreck , can’t watch her podcast she becomes so unhinged
  • Lala is projecting heavy on Ariana and it’s embarassing.
  • She was, is, and always has been a fraud.
  • Lala’s storyline this season is asking the question “why is Ariana still in the house?” Over and over and over and over. That’s literally it. That’s all she’s got.

It is clear from the comments that she grabs onto someone else’s storyline and then attacks it until it is worn out. Can she find something that is just hers and worth investing in? Time will tell.

Do you think she is getting lost in her own anger or is she just telling the truth? Let us know and watch Vanderpump Rules Tuesdays on Bravo.

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  1. Lala move back to Utah and apply to be Kody Brown fifth wife on Sister Wives. Lala is not wrapped to tight and she will fall apart. Enjoy this time because this is the only time you will have it. No talent, bad temper, filthy mouth and no man wants her. Ariana slam her good. Your smart have goals and kiss her off like I hope the show does.

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