Fans Think Lala Kent Is Trying To Get Sparkling Water Brand Deal

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Fans think Lala Kent is trying to get a sparkling water brand deal after hosting a water tasting for her friends. Lala Kent has been sober for nearly five years and sparkling water has become her go-to drink. She invited all of her friends to taste the water. Ally and James hosted it at their house, and they had a fun time until arguing broke out.

Lala Kent Has A Water Tasting

Lala Kent had a water tasting for her friends. This took place at Ally Lewber and James Kennedy’s house. Her friends enjoyed it, but Katie Maloney thought it all tasted the same. However, a lot of the girls celebrated with alcohol after the tasting. Was this rude since Lala is sober? The group had a good time until Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval started arguing yet again. Ariana accused Tom of being an “attempted dog murderer”. This is because he let her dog Mya into her room to eat a lot of things, she shouldn’t have which could have killed her.

Lala Kent-Instagram
Lala Kent-Instagram

Fans Think It Is For A Brand Deal

Fans think Lala was only trying to get a brand deal. 

“I am surprised I haven’t seen much commentary on Lala’s soliloquy in the latest episode on sparkling water and how it changes her life as a sober person. Don’t get me wrong, I love water and it’s basically the only thing I drink when I’m not having alcohol, but it is so obvious she is trying to get one of the sparkling water companies to reach out to her for a brand deal. I hope no one takes the very obvious bait.”

Fans then gave their opinions in reply to the accusation.

  • “Yes. I watched that water tasting scene thinking Lala was going to debut her own rebel can sparkling water. Give Them Water.”
  • “This is actually a good idea. She can do a canned water and create a female version of Liquid Death. I can’t believe how popular they are and it’s just water in a can.”
  • “She’s so thirsty she needs all the water she can get”
Lala Kent-YouTube
Lala Kent-YouTube

It seems that fans were not fooled by what Lala was trying to do. If she is trying to get a sparkling water brand deal, it will not be hard. Lala is also currently pregnant with her second child via IUI treatment. So, water is going to be her best friend for a while. Fans cannot wait to see the gender of Lala’s baby. They also think Lala has matured a lot this season. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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