Why Scheana Shay Doubts John Mayer Denied Their Hookup

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Scheana Shay does not believe that John Mayer denied their hookup and she has a reason for this. The Vanderpump Rules star alleged that she had an orgy with the musician back in the day. Yet, he had allegedly vehemently denied this ever happened. So, why would he do such a thing? Keep reading for more details.

Why Scheana Shay Doubts John Mayer Denied Their Hookup

A few episodes back in Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules, Scheana Shay claimed she had a threesome. Though she never said who it was with, she did give a clue by saying her body was a wonderland. Interviews resurfaced of her discussing how she had been seeing John Mayer somewhere around 2007 to 2009. Allegedly, she and Stacie Adams aka Stacie the Bartender from The Hills were roommates. Scheana had been working at a place where John was stopping in, one time when he was dating Jennifer Aniston. When he returned, he and Scheana were both single so they entertained each other.

John Mayer-YouTube
John Mayer-YouTube

After this came out, John denied it ever happened and it was even revealed that he and Scheana were at a party together. Yet, he did all that he could to avoid her and her presence. This has not sat well with Scheana as she has since shown evidence that there was something between them. She broke out magazine articles from back in the day and now she is speaking out on the subject. According to Page Six, Scheana opened up on her  Scheananigans podcast about the situation.


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“I mean, I’m sure John doesn’t love being a storyline on ‘VPR.’ But where did he deny this? Because I’m pretty sure it was the Sun who made that claim. It looks like they just made this up.” Scheana Shay then went on to add that “there weren’t quotes from John [and] there weren’t quotes from his team” when it came out that he had denied ever being with her. Finally, she noted: “I wouldn’t believe anything that they have to say, so there’s that.”

Years Of This

Scheana Shay has been talking about her alleged Joh Mayer hookup for some time now. There was footage that came out from around 2009 of her discussing hanging out with him. Then, she was candid about their affairs in 2020. So, Scheana has never held back about her past with John but maybe it has been exhausted. As for John, he alleges he has never been with her but it seems that they have some sort of past. Now, she is married to her second husband, Brock Davies and they have a daughter, Summer Moon. So, it looks like things all turned out just fine.

Do you think John and Scheana were intimate but he just wants to put in the past? Let us know and watch Vanderpump Rules Tuesdays on Bravo.

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