‘RHOP’ Mia Thornton’s Surgery An Epic Fail With Fans

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Real Housewives of Potomac star Mia Thornton went for liposuction, and she’s explaining more about it. However, her Bravo fans think she looked better before she had any work done. Read on to find out why, and see some photos.

Mia Thornton Embraces Surgery After Split From Gordon Thornton

Real Housewives of Potomac fans are familiar with relationships breaking down. Last year, they heard about Monique Samuels filing for divorce from Chris. At the same time, Mia had split from Gordon Thornton, but she’s dating someone else now. Recently, the show revealed her talking about it. Well, she seems to look very good on the screen, and now, she thinks she looks even better after liposuction.

Mia Thornton Goes For Liposuction - Instagram
Mia Thornton Goes For Liposuction – Instagram

Mia Thornton shared about her liposuction experience on Instagram and it seems that she’s more than satisfied with the outcome. A few days ago, she said:

The surgery room was just upstairs and I was in and out on my way to recovery in just a few hours.

Additionally, she promised to keep everyone updated in the coming weeks.

RHOP star Looked Better Before Her Surgery?

On her Instagram stories, the RHOP star has been sharing some post-operative updates and claimed that she was looked after very well by the medical professionals. Reality Titbit reported that she posted a story photo of herself “wearing a bodysuit shaper.” She’d said, it “tuck[s] in” the liposuction areas.

Bravo Star Mia Thornton Discussion - Reddit
Bravo Star Mia Thornton Discussion – Reddit

RHOP fans who love Mia Thornton think she shouldn’t have wasted her money going for liposuction. An OP on Reddit shared the old photos above and said:

this was the best mia has ever looked…i know the heavy makeup is her thing but i couldn’t get over how good this clean makeup looked on her during her kitchen confrontation with gordon, she looked kardashian-like to me

Bravo fans agreed and many of them expressed their opinions about it in the discussion:

  • Yeah, she looked much nicer there with less makeup. Had a more natural look. For some people less is better.
  • She looked so beautiful and ethereal here. I also love love love the soft pink blush she wears sometimes.
  • I lovvveeeeeeeeeeeeee her look here. One thousand percent agree with you.
  • On tv**** she was gorgeous back in the day.
  • So funny, I was thinking the same thing. Stunning she was in this scene. Well, I always think she’s SO beautiful but I did notice her beauty hit different this scene.
  • Mia is low key beautiful imo. Especially young photos she’s gorgeous.

What are your thoughts on Bravo fans thinking that Mia Thornton looked good before she had liposuction done? Do you agree that she’s a natural beauty? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Real Housewives of Potomac news.

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