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‘RHOP’: Karen Huger Slammed For Wasteful Decision

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Real Housewives Of Potomac star Karen Huger was recently bashed by fans for wasting food. The Bravo reality series is currently airing its seventh season and Episode 4 had Karen doing something that irked fans. The 59-year-old isn’t new to controversies. The Grande Dame was accused by Charrisse Jackson-Jordan of having a side piece amid the ongoing marital drama. But the star throwing away food doesn’t have anything to do with her marital woes. So, what caused her to throw the food away? What do fans have to say? Keep reading to find out the details!

RHOP Karen Huger Dubs Chicken As The ‘Dirty Bird’

In Episode 4 aired on October 30, 2022, the reality housewife was seen talking about being allergic to chicken. Not just that, Karen also described the chicken as a dirty bird explaining that the doctor had warned her that she was allergic to poultry. As per Meaww, the reality star mentioned that she is taking the doctor’s advice fairly seriously. She also discussed the details of her allergies in a video call with her husband and daughter Raywin Huger.

Karen Huger YouTube Real Housewives Of Potomac

[Source: YouTube]

However, fans didn’t let the moment pass and slammed her for being irresponsible with food. In the episode, Karen chucked an unopened chicken straight from the refrigerator into the trash basket. Several fans noted that the TV personality could have simply donated the chicken to the local shelter or someone needy.

Fans Bash Karen For Throwing Away Perfectly Good Chicken

Disappointed fans took to Twitter to voice their opinion as one wrote, “Karen you should be ashamed of yourself throwing away some perfectly good chicken. #RHOP.”

“Karen, why would you throw good food away? You could have given the chicken to someone less fortunate!!!#RHOP” wrote another.

A third chimed in, “Not Karen throwing away all that chicken while us normal folks are dealing with inflation #RHOP.”

“Food costs thru the roof and Karen throwing away perfect poultry!! Surely there’s a food pantry or a family who could have benefited. #pretentiouswithpoultry #RHOP” claimed the fourth fan.

Who Made RHOP Star Karen Huger Uncomfortable?

Earlier this week, the RHOP star revealed that a cast member made her uncomfortable by squeezing her very tightly. Although she didn’t share his identity, several fans are convinced that they already know who she talked about. As revealed by Gizelle Bryant, Chris Bassett, Candiace Dillard’s husband, tried to get her to talk to him privately in a room that made her uncomfortable.

Karen Huger YouTube Real Housewives Of Potomac

[Source: YouTube]

She shared this story with Karen who revealed encountering a similar experience in an early episode of RHOP Season 7. She revealed that the man in question had a lot to drink which is what caused that uncomfortable situation. Fans speculated that Mia Thornton’s husband Gordon could be the person in question.

What do you think of Karen throwing away a perfectly good chicken? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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