Gypsy Rose Seen Showing PDA With Ex Amid Split From Husband

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Gypsy Rose Blanchard announced her separation from her husband Ryan Scott Anderson earlier this week. Just days later, she was spotted holding hands and showing public displays of affection toward her ex-fiance, Ken Urker. Keep reading to see how Gypsy has addressed the rumors that she’s back with her ex.

Matching Tattoos & Now Shopping Together

Earlier this week, Ken Urker’s mother, Raina Williams, revealed that Ken and Gypsy Rose got matching tattoos. Snapshots of the new ink showed that the pair got matching husky tattoos on opposite arms. This way, the dogs would face each other when they placed their arms side-by-side.

Now, they have been spotted in public together looking rather cozy. The pair were intimately holding hands as they exited a Dollar General in Southern Louisiana on Wednesday. New pictures show Ken and Gypsy entering the store to pick up a few things.

Gypsy Rose and Ken Urker - TikTok
TikTok/Gypsy Rose Blanchard

At one point, they went outside to take a quick smoke break. Gypsy Rose can be seen standing, cigarette in hand, and smiling while Ken Urker has his hand on her shoulder.

She was wearing an olive green tank top with black leggings and black sneakers. Ken was also keeping things casual in a black hoodie and jeans.

Despite being seen cozied up to each other at the store, Ken and Gypsy got on TikTok to let fans know that they weren’t sleeping together.

Gypsy Rose & Ken Urker Set The Record Straight

“We have not had any intimacy. We’re just hanging out as friends,” Ken said in the clip. Gypsy Rose spoke up to deny pregnancy rumors saying, “I’m on birth control. Like, what the hell?”

Ken Urker’s mother confirmed that they aren’t together. Although they have been reunited after Gypsy was released from prison and left her husband, they aren’t dating, according to Williams. “They’re very cool. Ken is just being a supportive friend to her and that’s it,” she told People.

Gypsy Rose and Ken got engaged after he started writing to her in prison in 2018. He reached out to the inmate after seeing the documentary Mommy Dead and Dearest on HBO. The film documents Gypsy’s childhood story.

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When The Act premiered on Hulu in March 2020, Ken broke it off. Gypsy details the ordeal in her book, Released: Conversations on the Eve of Freedom.

“My son has never had any kind of ill intentions towards Gypsy,” Ken’s mother said. “It devastated him when they broke up the first time. But he truly thought that was what was best for Gypsy.”

Ryan Scott Anderson began writing to Gypsy later on and the pair got married in 2022. They were seen in public together several times after Gypsy was released from prison in 2023. The couple also made an appearance at the Lifetime premiere of Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard

It seemed like things were going really well between Gypsy Rose and Ryan. Fans were shocked when she shared that they were separating. However, she previously admitted to still having feelings for Ken when she got hitched to Ryan. So, there could be a future there. For now, they are denying being any more than friends though.

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