Brittany Cartwright Reveals Toxicity In Marriage Behind Cameras

Brittany Cartwright-Instagram

Brittany Cartwright recently revealed the toxicity that occurred in her marriage with Jax Taylor behind cameras. Fans know that the two are currently separated and spending time apart. Brittany also revealed that the two of them are doing good at co-parenting their son, Cruz. However, there seems to be a lot more that went on when the cameras weren’t rolling. This is not shocking to most.

Brittany Cartwright Seems To Be Done

Brittany Cartwright seems to be happier without Jax Taylor and fans do not see them getting back together. 

“I’m taking care of my toddler, and I’m also taking care of another toddler named Jax Taylor, because I basically do everything for the household, I just want to feel appreciated and want to feel wanted by the person that I’m married to. It definitely can be challenging, I still love Jax very much, but he is a hard person to deal with, and I think everybody in the world knows that.”

Fans are dying to see how their arguments went down on camera. However, now viewers know it was worse when they weren’t filming.

A man and a woman with their son between them. All three are wearing Mickey Mouse ears
Brittany Cartwright, son Cruz, and Jax Taylor/Credit: Brittany Cartwright Instagram

What Went On Behind Cameras?

Brittany revealed their arguments were worse when the cameras weren’t rolling.

“Whenever we were filming over the summer, we definitely had some blowups, but I feel like we got worse after the cameras went down. It was super important for me to get out of a toxic situation, he just needs to calm down. He’s got a lot of different things that he always puts on me. I’m always feeling the pressure of having to deal with things that are going on with him, and that can be really hard.”

Fans know how heated Jax Taylor can get in situations, and he does not know how to have a productive argument. It seems the two had just reached a toxic point and there is more than likely no turning back.

Jax Taylor, Brittany Cartwright-Instagram
Jax Taylor, Brittany Cartwright-Instagram

It seems that the fights were worse than what fans will see on The Valley. This is not shocking to fans as Jax more than likely did not want fans to see the worst side of him. However, Brittany is not scared to tell the truth. She seems to be happier without Jax and fans do not see the two working it out. Especially since Jax refuses to go to couples therapy. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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