Are Brittany Cartwright And Jax Taylor Good At Coparenting?

Jax Taylor, Brittany Cartwright/Vanderpump Rules/Instagram

Brittany Cartwright recently revealed if she and Jax Taylor are doing a good job at co-parenting their son, Cruz. The two are currently separated and are unsure of what their future holds. While Brittany is currently staying at various Airbnb’s, they are having to split their time with their son. Fans have been dying to know how this is going and want to know if they are capable of doing it with ease.

Brittany Cartwright And Jax Taylor Take Time Apart

Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor announced their separation in February. However, Brittany had moved out in January and did not tell anyone. 

“I’m taking it one day at a time, I don’t know what the future holds, but right now my focus is on being the best mom to Cruz and I love you guys. Pray for us and everything will be just fine. We’re good.”

Brittany realized she needed to get out of the toxic environment and focus on herself so she could be the best mother she could be.

Brittany Cartwright, Cruz Cauchi-Instagram
Brittany Cartwright, Cruz Cauchi-Instagram

Are They Good At Co-Parenting?

Jax and Brittany are doing a good job at co-parenting. Brittany revealed that they are trying to be the best parents to Cruz they can be right now. 

“We’re doing a really good job going back and forth, and I’ll also take him to the house and play and we’ll swim one day or have him play on his play set and we’ll do different things. Jax will take him to Sky Zone, or he’ll take him to the park one day. But that’s the most important thing. So I think it’s honestly been better because we aren’t fighting in front of him. And for me, I think that’s what is most important, right now. Because that’s why I had to get him out of that situation in the first place.”

Cruz is getting good one on one time with both of his parents. This is better for him as he is not having to listen to the constant fighting.

Credit: Brittany Cartwright Instagram
Credit: Brittany Cartwright Instagram

It seems the two are doing a good job at co-parenting their son. They can do things with him on their own. It is better for Cruz that the two are not fighting in front of him and this is what Brittany needed the break for. Ultimately, she has to do what is best for herself and her son. Living in a toxic environment is not the answer. What do you think about their co-parenting? Do you think they should get a divorce? Sound off in the comments below.

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