Rachel Nance Shows Off Meaningful Tattoos

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Rachel Nance recently showed off all of her tattoos and explained the meaning of each. Nance was on Joey Graziadei’s season and lasted until the final three. She then got sent home and has reflected on her time during the show since. Fans love Rachel and her genuine personality. She was never afraid to say how she felt and was always honest with herself and with Joey.

Rachel Nance Reflects On Her Journey

Rachel Nance was in the final three of Joey Graziadei’s season. She was crushed when she got sent home. 

“This was by far one of the hardest yet most beautiful journeys of my life, so thankful to my family and friends who supported me through it all. I found an appreciation for my faith that helped me stick to my morals and never lose sight of who I am as a person. … Thank you to Joey for this beautiful relationship. Although short lived, the memories will last a life time.”

Rachel made friends on the show and enjoyed her experience.

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She Shows Off Her Tattoos

Rachel Nance showed off her tattoos and told the meaning of them all. She revealed an “XO” tattoo behind her ear that she has with her best friend. Nance also has a sparkle tattoo on her finger that represents her brother who is in heaven and her other three siblings. On another finger, she has “mahal kita” which means “I Love You” in her native language. She has plenty of tattoos that represent her family. Like her sister’s birthyear on her arm. She also has her parents birthyears on her forearm. Another one is a worship song.

On her arm she has a small chili pepper to represent her love for spicy foods. Rachel also has a stamp with a hibiscus flower because that is Hawaii’s state flower which is where she grew up. She has an arrow on her ribcage with three tiers to represent her siblings. Rachel has her favorite number, 14, on her rib. She also has one on her thigh that she got with her best friend. The biggest one is her spine tattoo. She did not say what is read but did say her sister has the same one.

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It seems that Rachel has a lot of tattoos, but all of them have a special meaning. She wants to get more, and fans are wondering what the significance of the new ones will be. People are always wondering about the significance of the tattoo she has down her spine since she did not say it. Fans love getting to see how Rachel is outside of the television show and are going to keep following her life journey. What do you think about her tattoos? Do you like them? Sound off in the comments below.

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