Rachel Nance Reveals If She Was Blindsided By Joey Graziadei

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Rachel Nance has had a rough time since being sent home by Joey Graziadei on The Bachelor. Joey sent her home after fantasy suite dates. Rachel reconnected with Joey at the Women Tell All. She also addressed all the hate she has been getting on social media. After everything that happened, Rachel revealed if she felt blindsided by Joey sending her home. Keep reading to find out more.

Rachel Nance Reveals If She Felt Blindsided By Joey

After reuniting with Bachelor Joey Graziadei at the Women Tell All Rachel Nance stopped by the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast to talk about her time on the show. She admits that while she was heartbroken, she felt deep inside that her time with Joey was about to come to an end.

Rachel did not feel blindsided by Joey because of this. She continued to explain, “I think towards the end, he and I both knew that that was as far as our relationship was going to go. I think my favorite memory is he and I parting ways because you can’t force anything and we both gave it our all.” Rachel is glad she and Joey can still say they are friends.

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She continued talking about how she felt and said, “I knew that I was going to go home. It was so emotional because I came so far with him and we were pretty much at the end… there was just an unspoken understanding that this was the end for us. The tears that you saw were all real because not hearing my name called, I felt like our friendship was also over and I had no say in it.”

When she appeared on the special she was emotional watching the rose ceremony playback.

She Thought About Skipping Rose Ceremony

Rachel Nance also admitted she thought about skipping the rose ceremony. She knew in her heart she was going home. However, she decided to just go even though she knew her name was not going to be called. Rachel didn’t want to take away from the other two girls hearing their names called and being given those two roses.

She also shared she is in a good place right now and is taking a step back from the dating world. She would love to meet someone but noted her standards are pretty high now.

When she saw Joey at the Women Tell All, she said she didn’t need closure. They both knew it was over and they were okay with that.

What do you think about Rachel’s response about knowing her relationship was about to end?

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