‘Freaky Friday 2’ Is In The Works, Plot Details Leaked

Freaky Friday 2 - Instagram, Jamie Lee Curtis

After two decades, fans are finally getting a sequel to Freaky Friday. The popular 2003 movie starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan is getting revamped. Details on the plot, cast, and more have been leaked. Here is everything we know so far about Freaky Friday 2. 

Jamie Lee Curtis Hints At Freaky Friday 2

Jamie Lee Curtis dropped heavy hints that a sequel was going to happen in late 2023. She posted a photo of herself and Lindsay side-by-side. The caption read, “Too late. YOU GREW UP and SO BEAUTIFULLY! Well, it’s Friday, and the strike is over so hopefully, we can switch places again in the near future!”

Fans took to the comment section to beg the two stars to work together on a Freaky Friday sequel. “Freaky Friday 2!!!!! Pleaseeee,” one person wrote. “Please god make this happen,” another commented.

Freaky Friday 2 Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan - Instagram

Over the weekend, Jamie Lee Curtis posted the same photo of herself alongside Lindsay Lohan and fans went wild in the comments. The next day, she posted a photo of the two of them in the original Freaky Friday film.

“My generation just stopped breathing,” one person commented. Another fan asked, “Does that mean it’s a wrap on Freaky Friday 2???”

Lindsay Lohan has confirmed that filming for the project is underway. She spoke with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live last month and said she didn’t want to reveal too much, but that she’s excited to be working with Jamie again.

Apparently, the two women talk to each other almost every day. Lindsay said that she thought they would have “a lot of fun with this.”

Film Plot Details Have Been Leaked

Entertainment Weekly exclusively obtained audition sides, which included an eight-page script that has been sent to prospects for the open roles in the film. The eight-page script detailed a “body swap” scene.

The storyline for Freaky Friday 2 will be fairly similar to the original but with a twist. Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan will be swapping bodies again, but not with each other.


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Instead, Lindsay, who plays Anna Coleman, and her mom Tess Coleman (Jamie), will be switching bodies with two teenage girls. Anna Coleman, who is all grown up, swaps bodies with her own 14-year-old daughter, Harper.

Anna’s soon-to-be husband Eric Davis has a 14-year-old daughter of his own, Lily. She doesn’t see “eye-to-eye” with Harper. Lily and Tess Coleman swap bodies in the film.

The script details that have been leaked say that Harper “would like to see things go her way and use her intelligence to stop this marriage from ever happening.” Other scenes included in the eight-page script detail a beach cleanup with the two teens who are really Anna and Tess as well as a school detention scene.

Emmy-nominated director Nisha Ganatra will be at the helm of the project.

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