‘Sister Wives’ Was Ysabel Brown’s Scoliosis Surgery Successful?

Ysabel Brown from Instagram

Most Sister Wives fans remember Ysabel Brown’s scoliosis surgery. Her health played a significant role a few seasons ago. And ultimately, Kody’s refusal to attend her surgery played a major role in Christine’s decision to leave the family.

Ysabel was clearly in pain onscreen and in need of a solution. She eventually did receive surgery to correct the condition and the family hasn’t discussed it much on the show since.

So what’s going on? Keep reading to get the scoop.

Ysabel Brown Seems To Be Thriving In Adulthood

These days, Ysabel Brown seems to be happy and loving life. Last year, she accompanied her mother Christine and several of her siblings on a trip to Europe.

Ysabel is all smiles in most of the photos, indicating she’s really enjoying her time. If she’s still struggling with the scoliosis pain, it doesn’t show on her face.

So was the surgery successful?

Ysabel Brown and Christine Brown from Instagram
Ysabel Brown/Instagram

“How is Ysabel post-surgery?” one Redditor wondered on the platform this week. “A lot of talk about Kody not going to Ysabel’s surgery, but I’m wondering…was her surgery successful? I’ve seen her in pics, but I wonder if she’s now pain-free?”

Ysabel hasn’t spoken much about her health since her surgery. But overall, she seems to be much happier onscreen. Other Redditors seemed to think it was successful, all things considered.

Ysabel Brown and a male friend from Instagram
Ysabel Brown/Instagram

Redditors wrote:

  • Yes it was very successful. She is even taller.”
  • As a person with scoliosis it’s very painful and sometimes hard to breathe. I’m glad she’s doing better.”
  • Had this surgery myself. It is a very serious surgery but very necessary when your scoliosis is severe, that is why I could never understand why Kody didn’t go. [Ysabel] looks great-sometimes the height you get after the surgery doesn’t stay, you might lose a few inches. She seems quite happy.”
  • “I had a spinal fusion 10 years ago and unfortunately there’s no such thing as being pain free after such an invasive, life-altering surgery. That being said I’m sure she’s in quite a bit less pain, most days! Gaining an inch or two in height is definitely a perk though 😉”

The Sister Wives Star Remembers Garrison Brown

Like many of her siblings, Ysabel Brown didn’t immediately speak out after Garrison’s death. She hasn’t been on social media much over the past few months but did post on her Instagram story this week. She shared a photo of Garrison as a toddler holding her as a newborn.

Since Christine and Janelle’s children were all incredibly close, this loss is likely hitting Ysabel and the others quite hard. Fans will learn more about the family’s state of mind when the show returns this fall.

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