‘Sister Wives’: How Much Do Fans Know About Ysabel Brown’s Scoliosis & Her Surgery?

Sister Wives Credit: Ysabel Brown Instagram

Viewers watched as Ysabel Brown struggled to get a serious scoliosis surgery on Season 15 of Sister Wives. Her mother, Christine was a huge advocate for the life-changing procedure. However, Ysabel’s father, Kody was vehemently against it. He even refused to fly from Flagstaff up to the East Coast to be by his daughter’s side. Yet, how much do fans really know about the history of Ysabel’s scoliosis suffering? Furthermore, how much do people really know about her serious scoliosis surgery?

Ysabel’s Sister Wives Scoliosis Journey

Credit: Ysabel Brown Instagram
Credit: Ysabel Brown Instagram

Fans first learned Ysabel was battling scoliosis in 2017. At the time, she was just fourteen years old. Christine and Kody were seen taking her to an amazing doctor. He was monitoring the curve in her back which began at 26 degrees and went up to 45 degrees. Ysabel and her parents had a goal to avoid surgery as long as possible.

This required her to do daily exercises which interfered with her daily activities. Since they could last hours, she was not living the life of a typical teenager. The follow-ups showed decent progress, the curve going down about ten degrees. This meant Ysabel had to stay extremely dedicated to her exercises. She would even feel bad if she did not give one hundred percent at all times to said exercises.

Eventually, four years later, the curve had gotten so bad, Ysabel needed the surgery. She was also in unbearable pain. By this time, the Brown family had moved from Las Vegas to Flagstaff. Christine was working alongside a doctor who determined the curvature was at a 50. She knew this was best for her daughter and went on to raise whatever money she could via her LulaRoe business, according to ScreenRant. Unfortunately, Kody was not on board at all.

Kody Disengages and Ysabel Gets Surgery

When Kody went to Christine’s to discuss Ysabel, he immediately shut down the idea of her having surgery. Ysabel and Christine would have to head to New Jersey in September of 2020 and the status of COVID was very unknown. However, the East Coast was being very safe with very low numbers.

Christine had arranged for them to stay with family while Ysabel was healing. Kody did not approve of this. Christine tried to explain how much pain Ysabel was in. She could see it because she was with their daughter on a daily basis. His rejection and reaction left Ysabel in tears. He also suggested she postpone the surgery or go alone. Kody did not think it was a good idea he join them because he would have to quarantine upon returning home. Fans were livid.

In the end, the Sister Wives star did get the surgery. A very costly surgery, at that. She bravely underwent a twelve-hour procedure. Since then, Ysabel has been glowing and consistently posting on her Instagram account. Sadly, she will always have to continue with exercises. Ysabel’s spine will never be perfectly straight, according to her mother. However, she seems to be flourishing at eighteen and that is all that matters.


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