Christine Brown Started Using Her Married Name

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Christine Brown kicked her husband Kody Brown and plural marriage to the curb in 2021, and on October 7, 2023, she tied the knot with David Woolley in Moab, Utah. This week, for the first time, Sister Wives fans saw that the TLC star used her new married name.

Christine Brown Initially Kept Her Old Name

Many TLC fans suspected that Kody Brown’s former third wife would keep his surname. That is because people like Amy Roloff kept their brand name. If you don’t know, it’s a good thing to stick with a brand name because of online search results. Additionally, a well-known name can boost the sale of products like books, hence Jill Duggar Dillard publishing under her maiden name.

Christine Brown Married David Woolley In Stunning Utah - Sister Wives - TLC
Christine Brown Married David Woolley In Stunning Utah – Sister Wives – TLC

Christine Brown decided that she would take on David Wooley’s name, but not on day one. Actually, she realizes that from the Sister Wives show, she will remain Christine Brown. However, she seemed determined to use the new name outside of that. This week, for the first time, TLC fans saw her do that.

David Woolley’s Wife Advertised Under New Name

Last year, TLC fans saw that Janelle Brown joined David Woolley and his then-fiance in Moab, Utah for a vacation. In fact, Sister Wives fans suspect that she first dated her man in the area. As they also married there, the couple clearly loves the desert region. So, they got themselves a home there and the advert arrived on Instagram earlier this week for the Airbnb rental. She promised to share a link at the time, which she did on February 13.

Christine Brown Woolley's AirBNB Advert - Instagram
Christine Brown Woolley’s AirBNB Advert – Instagram

Christine Brown used her new surname in the address for the bookings on Airbnb: “” And, over on the website, her place is called “Christine Brown Woolley’s Retreat.” Naturally, fans saw that and some of them reacted to Christine Brown Woolley. One person accused it of being a “fake account” because they didn’t know how to spell Woolley. But in the comments, David assured them it was for real.

Meanwhile, other TLC fans urged the Sister Wives star to drop her old name completely. One of them even suggested it might bring her “bad luck” to keep the old name. Well, she’s a big girl with her own mind, as Kody Brown belatedly discovered.  So, she’s not likely to pander to what TLC fans demand in her private life and business life.

What are your thoughts about Christine Brown starting to use her married name? TLC fans will probably always think of her as Christine Brown because of the show. And, so will Google reach results. But, do you agree that it’s a good thing she moves on with her new life? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Sister Wives news.

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