Honey Boo Boo Begs Fans For 150k In Exchange For Services

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It was revealed in a recent episode of Mama June: Family Crisis that June Shannon has stolen a significant amount of money from her daughter, Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson. Now, Alana is begging fans for $150,000, but it doesn’t seem like fans are buying in. Continue reading to see why Honey Boo Boo claims that she needs $150K and how fans are responding.

Mama June Admits To Stealing From Alana Thompson

Most people weren’t too surprised to learn that Mama June Shannon has been stealing from her daughter, Alana Thompson, over the years. In a recent episode of Mama June: Family Crisis she confessed that she had taken money out of Alana’s Coogan account.

A Coogan account is set up for child stars like Alana to protect some of their earnings. The Coogan law states that 15% of a child’s earnings must be put into a trust account for when they turn of age. It is named after child actor Jackie Coogan who starred in silent films during his childhood.

Mama June Shannon - YouTube, WeTV

Despite this money being designated for Alana once she came of age, Mama June shamelessly dipped into the funds for her own gain. Viewers have not held back in letting June know exactly how they feel about her actions. Her followers have been slamming her on social media, demanding she pay the money back to Honey Boo Boo.

However, that doesn’t seem likely at this point. So, Alana Thompson has resorted to asking the public for money to fund her education.

Fans React To Honey Boo Boo Asking For Money

Alana Thompson posted a video on TikTok asking fans for $150,000 in funding. “In exchange,” it says over the clip, “you will gain 10% equity (I’ll be your go-to nurse for all your family’s little ones).” She captioned the post, “Just kidding! Or am I?”

Fans shared the video to Reddit to discuss the fact that Alana is asking for such a huge lump sum of cash. Many of them find it ridiculous that she is requesting $150,000 for a nursing education.

@lanaaaaaa.0 Just kidding…or am I? 😂 Sharks, if you’re ready to make a deal, count me in! 🦈 * Oh, and let’s keep the lashes hush-hush until my glam session tomorrow! #SharkTank #DealTime #honeybooboo #fyp ♬ original sound – tiktokcontent

One fan was stunned writing, “I know some doctors who have less school debt than that. That’s [bananas] that it’s $150k.”

Another individual questioned Honey Boo Boo’s dedication to such a tough career. “Idk this may seem mean but i can never actually see her finishing nursing school and actually working a normal job let alone a hard demanding job like nursing,” they wrote. “Does she know how hard that career is and how many hours she could possibly be working or does she just think it’s cute to be a nurse not knowing what she’s signing up for.”

A third person pointed out that she hadn’t even gotten started yet. “From what has been said it [seems] she’s not even in the nursing program yet, just doing General Ed at first,” the Reddit user commented.

Mama June: Family Crisis airs on Friday at 9 p.m. EST on WeTV.

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  1. I feel bad that Mama June helped herself to that money…but doesn’t Alana make a certain amount from each episode they do with MamaJune and the Family Crisis?? use that money and put that towards your schooling. Cut back on getting your nails, hair and lashes done. Learn how to save vs spending all the time. that’ll be something that’ll need to happen once the move happens anyways. Start now!!

    1. I agree with you! And I believe that at least half of what June makes, she should give to Alana to repay what she has stolen to help pay for her schooling! Maybe June needs to learn what it means be a mom by helping her pay for college.

  2. June could not have been able to get into Alana’s Coogan account. Three of my kids had Coogan accounts and they could not touch any monies until they were 18, not 21. I was custodian of the accounts but I could only deposit monies into the accounts not take monies out. I think this show is scripted.

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