Nick Viall’s DILF Content Creeps Fans Out

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He is loving the girl dad life, but Nick Viall’s DILF content is starting to creep Bachelor Nation fans out. Stay on this page to find out why.

Former Bachelor Embraces Girl Dad Role

Nick Viall is finally a dad! It’s been seven years since he starred in Season 21 of The Bachelor. He proposed to Vanessa Grimaldi during the season finale, but they split a few months later. He previously sought love on The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise.

However, he found his match outside Bachelor Nation when Natalie Joy slid into his DMs. The two got engaged in 2023 after more than two years of dating. In August of that same year, they announced they were expecting a child together. They still plan to get married.

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Nick Viall, baby River Rose and dog/Credit: Nick Viall Instagram

Nick and Natalie’s daughter, River Rose, was born in early February 2024. The former Bachelor star is clearly enjoying the dad life. He regularly posts photos on social media cuddling with his newborn daughter. But is it too much for some Bachelor Nation fans?

Nick Viall’s DILF Content Creeps Fans Out

One Bachelor Nation fan took to Reddit to vent about Nick Viall’s DILF (Dad I’d Love To F**k) content.

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Credit: Reddit

They wrote, “I want to think the bond was beautiful, I get the skin to skin and I love to see a hands on dad but it seems like he has pushed Natalie out and became the main character.”

Nick Viall has a lot of haters on Reddit, so it’s not surprising that many others agreed. Here is what they said:

  • Yes. It’s enough already. He thinks that he looks sexy or he’s trying to make it look like he’s a present father and I think he looks like he’s desperate for attention and needs to get over himself.
  • He’s so gross and desperate to be perceived as attractive. He’s not. Enjoy your baby, dude
  • i’ve had similar feelings lately abt his photos. it’s def weird
  • Who asked to see Nick’s pale tummy in a crop to pretending he’s a mom?
  • Really freaking weird. Baby’s cute though and it’s nice to see a father involved even if slightly performative
  • I agree. I think it’s more so how he seems to be posting it for himself that is weird.
  • I think it’s definitely weird to post “thirst trap” photos with your baby
A man holding his baby
Credit: Reddit

What do you think of Nick Viall’s photos with his newborn daughter? Is he being weird with the content he’s posting, or is he just being a new father who loves being a girl dad? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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