‘Bachelorette’ Gabby Windey Makes Drastic Change In Appearance

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Gabby Windey has changed a lot since she was Bachelorette. Her latest drastic change in appearance shocked fans. Keep reading for all the details and photos.

Bachelorette Gabby Windey Makes Drastic Change In Appearance

Bachelor Nation fans can barely recognize Gabby Windey these days. The Season 19 co-Bachelorette has undergone many life changes. Viewers first met her as a contestant on Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor. She made it to the finals along with Susie Evans and Rachel Recchia. Clayton sent them both home to pursue a relationship with Susie.

Gabby and Rachel made an appearance on Bachelor In Paradise after their season ended. It was one of the last times viewers saw Gabby as a brunette. She changed her hair to blonde, a style that she still has today.

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Gabby Windey/Credit: Gabby Windey Instagram

But her appearance wasn’t her only huge change. She came out as bisexual in August 2023. She’s been dating comedian Robby Hoffman for almost a year now. The couple recently came under fire after their behavior during a flight.

In addition to changing her hair color, Gabby also enhanced her lips with filler. Some fans think she went too far. It seems she may have agreed with them. She revealed on TikTok that she dissolved the lip fillers but got an unexpected surprise.

She hid her lips with an ice pack at the start of the video. When she moved the ice pack, her swollen lips took center stage. Despite dissolving the filler, Gabby’s lips were still puffy.

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Credit: Gabby Windey TikTok

According to Gabby, she was scheduled for a Zoom meeting and was worried the people on the other end of the call would think she was “ill” due to her shocking appearance. One fan helpfully suggested that she say she was stung by a bee.

Did It Hurt?

Gabby Windey isn’t the first Bachelor Nation star to have a mishap with injections. Bachelor Season 28 front-runner Kelsey Anderson shared her experience with lip fillers.

One of Gabby’s TikTok followers asked if the procedure to dissolve the fillers hurt. “So bad but v fast and worth it!!”

Fans were concerned and shocked over Gabby’s swollen lips. However, she assured them that the swelling would go down within a few days.


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Have you ever had a plastic surgery mishap like Gabby Windey? Share your experience in the comments.

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