Ashley Iaconetti Opens Up About Miscarriage

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1 in 8 pregnancies end in miscarriage. Bachelor In Paradise alum Ashley Iaconetti opens up and shares her emotional story. Keep reading for all the details.

Ashley Iaconetti Opens Up About Miscarriage

Bachelor Nation star Ashley Iaconetti and her husband, Jared Haibon, are one of the most popular couples from the franchise. They met on Season 2 of Bachelor In Paradise but their relationship had many ups and downs through the years. However, their love endured, and they got engaged in 2018. They married a year later.

Ashley is currently pregnant with the couple’s second child. They welcomed their son, Dawson, in 2022. The baby she is currently carrying is also a boy. She previously opened up about gender disappointment in her pregnancies.

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Jared Haibon and Ashley Iaconetti during her first pregnancy/Credit: Ashley Iaconetti Instagram

During a recent Instagram Q&A, she got candid about conceiving her first child. She shared that it took seven months to conceive her first child. The second pregnancy took two months, but she revealed that she suffered a miscarriage between her first and second child.

Ashley shared that she had a “chemical pregnancy the first month” before conceiving the baby she is pregnant with now. What is a chemical pregnancy? She shared the definition:

“A chemical pregnancy is a very early miscarriage that happens within the first five weeks of pregnancy. An embryo forms and may even embed in your uterus lining (implantation), but then it stops developing.” – Ashley Iaconetti, Instagram.

According to the reality star, chemical pregnancies happen early in the pregnancy, and many women don’t realize they had a miscarriage. However, it happened to one of her friends around the same time, so she knew the signs.

Credit: Ashley Iaconetti Instagram

“I did get a positive test that month and I started bleeding a few days later. I knew what was happening within an hour or so bc a close friend also had a chemical pregnancy,” Ashley revealed.

How did she deal with the loss?

Will She Have More Children?

The BIP alum said she was “sad for a few days,” about the miscarriage. However, it was still early in the pregnancy when it happened. Her midwife helped her deal with it by telling that that many women get pregnant again quickly, usually the next month. That’s what happened to Ashley.

In a few months, Ashley and Jared’s family will expand by two little feet. Their second child is due in July. Do they plan to have more children?

Credit: Ashley Iaconetti Instagram

Ashley previously revealed that they will stay a family of four after the baby’s birth. The couple aren’t planning to have more children.

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