Joe Bradley And Maddi Reese Are Finally Dating?

Maddi Reese

It seems that Southern Hospitality stars Joe Bradley and Maddi Reese could finally be dating. Viewers have seen Joe profess his love for Maddi, only to get turned down. Maddi has not had the best experiences with love and once she broke up with Trevor for a second time, she may have realized she needed to give Joe a chance. Fans are curious how their boss Leva has dealt with this after telling Joe he cannot date coworkers.

Maddi Reese Does Not Pick The Best Guys

Maddi Reese has never picked the best guys. Her ex-Trevor has cheated on her time and time again. Viewers saw her coworkers and friends warn her before getting back with him, but she dated him again anyway. However, they proved their point when they ended up breaking up again. There were rumors Trevor was cheating on her, but Maddi did not want to believe it. There was even a video a girl took that showed them getting a little too close. The same girl who took the video claimed they made out. However, Maddi found every excuse in the book to prove it wrong.

Maddi Reese
Maddi Reese

Clues The Two Could Be Dating

It seems as though Joe and Maddi could be dating. A fan served them at a bar where Joe called her his girlfriend. 

“I don’t know if this is already known but Joe asked for a Liquid Death for his girlfriend and then I look up and it’s Maddi. They were very touchy and Joe was trying to buy everyone in line a drink. I work at a music venue and the show was Scott Stapp from Creed lmao”

Fans were not very shocked after hearing this and gave their opinions in the comments.

  • “They did make out in between the end of the season and the reunion, according to TJ. Can’t wait for the mess their relationship will be on S3”
  • “I was wondering if this would happen after watching the reunion. They are both so unhinged and blindly loyal to the wrong people. Good for them lol.”
  • “Something in me wants to see them date. Should be good 📺”
  • “I actually don’t think they’d be a bad couple.”
  • “This couple actually really makes sense to me. That doesn’t necessarily mean I think it’s right or healthy, but Joe worships the ground Maddi walks on, and that’s what she wants!”

It seems as though fans are down for the two being a couple and think they could somehow make it work. 


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The two have not made a public announcement that they are dating, but if Joe is calling Maddi his girlfriend at bars, that makes it pretty clear. Maybe their relationship is not serious, but there is something between the two. The show just got renewed for another season and viewers are dying to know how this is going to play out. Do you think the two are for sure together? What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below.

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