Colt Johnson On Dating App, Cheats On Vanessa?

Colt Johnson - 90 Day The Single Life - Discovery+ YouTube

90 Day Fiance alum Colt Johnson didn’t appear on The Last Resort because he injured himself. However, maybe that is a good thing since rumors are flying he’s allegedly cheating on Vanessa Guerra on a Dating App.

Colt Johnson Pulls In The Ladies

Many TLC fans didn’t like Larissa Lima when she dated and married Mother Debbie‘s son. After they split, she went off with Eric Nichols and TLC next showed Colt with another Brazilian named Jess Caroline. In 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Jess became suspicious that Vanessa Guerra was too close to her man.

Vanessa Guerra - 90 Day Fiance - YouTube
Vanessa Guerra – 90 Day FianceYouTube

Colt Johnson decided to pursue Vanessa and fans heard him claim that he only slept with her after the split from Jess Caroline. Apart from his mother, hardly any TLC fans believed him. In fact, he later admitted when he appeared in 90 Day: The Single Life, that he did cheat on Jess with Vanessa. Now, it seems that he might be putting himself out into the dating world once again.

Vanessa Guerra Cheated On By Mother Debbie’s Son?

90 Day Fiance News and Memes carried a story about Vanessa’s man allegedly cheating on her. Taken from a now-deleted post on Reddit, it revealed that his Tinder Profile looked active. Often, posts shared about TLC stars get taken down or the images removed.

The Deleted Post about Colt Johnson on Tinder - Reddit
The Deleted Post about Colt Johnson on Tinder – Reddit

In their article, the outlet embedded the images before they were deleted. They explained:

A 90-Day Fiancé fan posted a set of screenshots taken from Colt’s Tinder profile, and they wrote as a caption: “Colt came across my Tinder.”

Later, the article about Colt Johnson allegedly cheating on Vanessa Guerra arrived on Reddit. It was shared by the outlet under the title, “Colt was caught cheating on his wife Vanessa.” 

TLC fans seemed amazed that women seem to still like Colt and some unflattering comments were shared:

  • Wait…wasn’t Vanessa really really hesitant to be in a relationship with him bc of his history of cheating? He convinced her he would NEVER be that way again. Poor Vanessa. She’ll find a great guy someday.
  • Dude is ugly, doesn’t (sic)take care of himself, has an awful personality and a small nasty looking d–k. Who the hell is choosing to sleep with this guy!? People really want the D list attention jeez!
  • I will never understand what any woman sees in this stinky platypus.
  • if this is true, vanessa deserves it. she didn’t care when she was helping colt cheat on jess
  • How is this possible?? There can’t be more than a few women out there who are willing to get with him. I would think he’s already reached his max number w the 3 we’ve already seen.

What Is Colt Looking For?

What is the 90 Day Fiance star looking for in a relationship? Well, it seems that he’s “still figuring it out.”

You can see the original Tinder photos on this link here.

What are your thoughts about Colt Johnson allegedly cheating on Vanessa? Are you surprised that other women seem to like him? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your 90 Day Fiance news.

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