‘90 Day Fiance’ Done With Nicole & Mahmoud After Domestic Violence Charges?

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Is 90 Day Fiance done with Nicole and Mahmoud Sherbiny after his domestic violence charges? He was recently arrested and it was questionable what would happen. Especially since the couple was to be featured on the new season of Happily Ever After? So, what did TLC decide to do? Read on for more details.

90 Day Fiance Done With Nicole & Mahmoud After Domestic Violence Charges?

It had been some time since 90 Day Fiance viewers had seen Nicole and Mahmoud Sherbiny on their screens. Yet, they had been filmed at an American airport with her welcoming her husband to the States. This was a big deal as she did not like living in Egypt or the rules that she had to follow. More so, she wanted to dress the way she wanted to and be herself. Of course, that did not fly for her husband, Mahmoud. Therefore, he moved to California where she resided and was living with her. Then, TLC came calling again but this time it was for the spinoff, Happily Ever After? 

Nicole Sherbiny, Mahmoud Sherbiny/TLC
Nicole Sherbiny, Mahmoud Sherbiny-TLC

Viewers were excited to see them as they were not too thrilled with the rest of the cast. That included Loren and Alexei Brovarnik, Big Ed Brown and Ed Woods, and Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi. According to Starcasm,  leading up to the Sunday, March 17th premiere, Nicole and Mahmoud had been cut from the promos. This comes after his February 21st arrest so it looked like they had been cut from the series. The network also avoided any follow-up or flashbacks of Nicole and Mahmoud.

However, when it came down to the 90 Day Fiance first look for Happily Ever After? the couple was right there. They do get into an aggressive fight during the season leading Nicole to go looking for her husband. She claims that Mahmoud left her but took her phone and credit cards. So, why did she want to stay with him again? This does not seem like a productive marriage in any capacity.

This Has Happened Before

Nicole and Mahmoud Sherbiny are not the first couple in 90 Day Fiance history who have faced domestic violence issues and have not been removed. Geoffrey Paschel had a slew of allegations against him when his season of Before the 90 Days aired. The only punishment he received was that he could not participate in anything with TLC once the season ended. Then, he went on to his trial and was eventually sentenced to prison. Michael Ilesanmi actually went missing prior to this season of Happily Ever After? beginning, claiming he was scared of his own wife. Yet, he and Angela Deem are still on the show.

Are you shocked that Nicole and Mahmoud are still being featured or not at all? Let us know and watch Happily Ever After? Sundays on TLC.

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