Maria Georgas Faces Drama Again In Hot Seat At ‘Women Tell All’

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The Bachelor Women Tell All special airs Monday night on ABC. The women of Joey Graziadei’s season will meet up once again to talk about their time on the show and address all the drama that happened. Of course, this means Maria Georgas will be in the hot seat. What should fans expect? Keep reading to find out more.

Maria Georgas Will Face The Women While In The Hot Seat

The Bachelor Women Tell All airs tonight on ABC and fans will see Maria Georgas take the hot seat. She has been a hot topic throughout Joey Graziadei’s season of the show. In fact, fans love Maria so much that many are petitioning for her to be named the next Bachelorette.

The drama started when Madina pointed out she was the oldest contestant on Joey’s season. Maria pointed out that Madina really wasn’t that old and by her standards, Maria at 29 would be considered old as well. For whatever reason this did not sit well with other ladies in the house, especially Sydney Gordon.

Madina didn’t personally hear what Maria said so Sydney decided to tell her all about it. Madina felt it was Maria being insensitive. However, Maria tried to tell her it was meant as a compliment.

It didn’t stop. So, Madina went to Joey to share that she felt bullied by Maria. Sydney claimed that she felt verbally attacked by Maria and spoke to Joey as well.

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Joey confronted the situation and said he does not tolerate bullying. In the end, Maria and Sydney ended up on a two-on-one date and Sydney was sent home.

Now, the entire issue will be brought up again and all the women will get to weigh in on their feelings towards this drama. So far no spoilers have been leaked about exactly what is said between them. However, there is no doubt this topic will come up and be discussed.

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Facing Joey As Well

The women will also be able to ask Joey Graziadei some questions and perhaps get the closure they didn’t get while on the show. Other than Maria Georgas, the third runner-up will get their chance in the hot seat and be allowed to talk to Joey.

Before the show gets to chatting with the women, fans will get to see how the end of fantasy suites plays out. Last week fans were left wondering what the mysterious note could be about that was left for Joey.

Don’t miss The Bachelor Women Tell All tonight at a special time on ABC.

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