‘MAFS’ Producer Fired For Unprofessional Relationship With Cast

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Just hours after they chose to stay together on Decision Day, Austin Reed and Becca Haley broke up. It was revealed that Austin was having an inappropriate relationship with one of the Married At First Sight producers. Although the couple had a number of issues on the show, Becca found this to be unforgivable. Many fans are wondering what the repercussions for the MAFS producer were and what happened. Here’s everything that has been revealed so far.

Becca Calls It Off With Austin After Decision Day

Becca and Austin were one of the couples viewers were holding out hope for in Season 17. Many fans have been disappointed in the way this season of MAFS has turned out. The matches didn’t seem compatible and many couples called it off long before Decision Day. However, Becca and Austin decided to stay married.

Unfortunately, just a few hours after making that decision, the couple split up. As it turns out, Becca uncovered some inappropriate behavior between Austin and one of the producers on the show.

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Everyone met up in a group to talk about Decision Day. That’s when Becca confronted Austin about being out with the female producer the night before. He tried to deny the claims being made, but Clare Kerr confirmed that she saw Austin out with the MAFS producer in question.

After Clare said she saw him out with the producer, Austin finally confessed to being out with her. Becca decided to call it quits then and there. Since then, Austin Reed has been catching a lot of heat from fans, but people are also wondering what’s going to happen to the Married At First Sight producer.

What Will Happen To The MAFS Producer?

The identity of the woman has not been revealed. The Instagram page @mafsfan shared some details about the rules of the show and information about what happened to the MAFS producer.

There are some fairly strict rules regarding fraternization between the production staff and MAFS cast members. “Some BTS info – I heard (and not sure if this is true) that producers are not to fraternize or socialize with cast members in any way while the season is filming,” the Instagram page shared. “In this case, the producer in question was allegedly fired right after this night out.”


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Even though this led to the end of Austin and Becca’s relationship, the MAFS fan page said that they had been told the relationship was platonic and not romantic in any way. Allegedly, the producer was simply coaching Austin on how to act on camera. This detail is interesting to fans because Becca accused Austin of acting one way on screen and doing something else entirely once the cameras were off.

There have also been rumors that producers get a bonus if the cast members wind up staying together. If that is true, then it would be in this person’s best interest if Becca and Austin stayed together.

Members of MAFS production staff have not come forward with any information about the contracts they signed and whether or not socializing with cast members is prohibited.

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  1. I think Claire wasn’t going to be happy till they all got divorced just because she wasn’t happy. She tattled on every couple. She needed to keep her mouth shut and worry about her own relationship.

    1. I agree..she should have kept her mouth shut, and who knows if she did not make it up..they should have removed her from the show..pretty bad for someone who is suppose to help people

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