Jade Roper Shares Heartfelt Message To Sydney Hightower

Jade Roper and Sydney Warner via Instagram

Bachelor in Paradise alum Jade Roper Tolbert shared a heartfelt message to Sydney Hightower Warner after the birth of her son. Sydney gave birth to her first child with her husband Fred Warner. What did Jade share with Sydney? Keep reading to find out more.

Jade Roper Shares Sweet Sentiment For Sydney Hightower

Bachelor alum Jade Roper Tolbert shared a very heartfelt message to Sydney Hightower Warner after the birth of her first child. She now has something in common with Sydney. Fred and Sydney named their son Beau. This is the name Jade and Tanner also chose to name the son they lost while she was pregnant.

Jade went to Instagram Stories to say, “I’m so happy for Sydney, how beautiful it is [that] another sweet Beau will be so incredibly loved. He will be such a light, just like mine. ❤️.”

Sadly, Jade and Tanner lost their beau nearly halfway through her pregnancy. She suffered a missed miscarriage which means her body was not processing the loss. Her body continued to think it was still carrying a baby. She wanted to deliver the baby naturally but sadly her body was not letting him go.

Jade eventually had to have medical intervention to deliver him. She continues to mourn his loss and they celebrated with a cake on what would have been her due date.

Sydney and Fred announced the birth of their son, Beau Anthony Warner just last week. He and his mom are both healthy and doing well.

In fact, she and Fred have already had him out on walks in his stroller.

Fred Warner and Sydney Warner instagram

Jade’s loss

It remains uncertain if Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert will try and have another baby. Right now they have three children. One daughter and two sons.

Jade has shared her loss of Beau with fans in hopes that what she has been through can help someone else. When she finally let the medical team intervene to get the baby out she said, “Well, here we are. I didn’t want or expect it to go this way, but it is. I so badly wanted to bury him under a beautiful tree in our yard, to see any glimpse of his tiny body, which is I why I held out so long trying to trust my body. But, it is time to heal and get to the other side of this loss.”


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When she lost him she noted she was forever changed by carrying him even for that short amount of time.

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