Fans Rage Mama June Spent Alana’s Money On Drugs & Men

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Fans are raging as Mama June Shannon has spent Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson’s money on drugs and men. She is very negative when it comes to her youngest daughter heading to college. That is not stopping the train from moving but what is really going on with June? Read on for more details.

Fans Rage Mama June Spent Alana’s Money On Drugs & Men

Currently on Family Crisis, Mama June is refusing to touch Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson’s Coogan account. That is the money she earned being a child actor. More so, she alleged that rather than put 20% of the money in there, she put 80%. Finally, she lied to the girls and said it could not be touched until Alana was 21 but it is actually 18. Alana has asked her mother for help with her college tuition which is quite reasonable. She was granted a $21K per year scholarship but her tuition exceeds that.

Honey Boo Boo-YouTube
Honey Boo Boo-YouTube

Therefore, she would like June to go into her Coogan account for her tuition and help with her rent. June has told her daughter, Pumpkin that she does not think she should be responsible for helping Alana. More so, she feels that Pumpkin and her husband, Josh Efird should step up as they helped to raise her. This is not flying for the couple or for fans and they now have questions. According to Meaww, viewers are not happy with the way June is acting after lying and blowing Alana’s money recklessly.

Fans headed to Twitter/X to express their disdain:

Tough Love, Sure

Many Family Crisis viewers also felt that Mama June saying that Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson needed tough love was just a cover-up. She knows that this is not true but she also cannot admit that she lied so much about where the money has gone. Her husband, Justin Stroud has known June to be a liar but this is a new level of lying. Previously, she had told his mother that she had a great relationship with her kids when they were all estranged. Now, she must confess that she used all of Alana’s money on drugs and men which could wreck everything.

It has been questioned why Alana hasn’t sued her but Anna Cardwell went down that path and said it was not worth it. Do you think Mama June is deflecting her wrongdoings by saying Alana still has a lot of growing to do? Let us know and watch Family Crisis Fridays on WeTV.

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