Noah Brown Asks Fans Help To Name New Family Member

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Alaskan Bush People star Noah Brown welcomed a new member of the family, but he turned to Discovery Channel fans for a name. After he shared a photo and invited the participation of his followers, he got plenty of suggestions. Possibly, he might need to think hard because some of them seem very good.

ABP Noah Brown Shares Photos Of His Family Members

Alaskan Bush People fans know that Rhain and her husband raise Eli, 5, and his younger brother, Adam. However, their family also includes non-human kids like Triss the six-year-old ferret. Actually, Triss is so cute that many Discovery Channel fans would love to spend time with him. Now, it looks like Triss will have a friend.

Triss The Ferret - Noah Brown - Instagram
Triss The Ferret – Noah Brown – Instagram

Noah Brown inherited a love for animals from his dad, Billy. On the show, if he’s not being the family technician, he’s been seen working with the horses. The family also has a pup named Freya. The new addition was announced on social media earlier this week, and more cuteness arrived at the family home.

Alaskan Bush People Fans Help To Name A New Bunny

Discovery Channel fans who follow Noah seemed delighted when he shared a photo of a baby bunny on Instagram on March 13. It sat quietly in his big hand and looked relaxed with the ABP star. Hopefully, he got it for the boys rather than for a meal. In his caption, he said:

Name the bunny!! 🐰 πŸ‡


A New Family Member - Noah Brown - Instagram
A New Family Member – Noah Brown – Instagram

ABP fans of Noah Brown poured onto the post and many names arrived. As they were not sure of the gender of the baby, some people offered male and female names or genderless ones. Here are some of the best ones:

  • Vader, like Darth Vader! Bean or Smokey would work too!
  • Aurora (borealis) or Mo (smoke)
  • Sir Caspian 🐰
  • I think “Thumper” or “Twitch” … beautiful little bunny… hope U are having a good day dude.
  • Boy or girl or androgynous names? Lilith for female because it means belonging to the night and she’s dark. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
  • Hector or Brutus.

Names suggested to Noah Brown that other Discovery Channel fans liked included Bunnicular, Ragnar, Harley, Cadbury, and Darkwater. So many names went in that it is impossible to list all of them here. Perhaps, it might be easier for Eli’s and Adam’s dad if he just asked the kids to give the new family member a name. For now, ABP fans will have to wait to see if the reality TV star chooses one from the many suggested on social media.

What do you think Noah Brown should name his new member of the family? Do you love it when the Discovery Channel star engages with his followers on things like his new bunny? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Alaskan Bush People news.

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