‘Love Is Blind’ Jeramey Lutinski Calls Nick Lachey Out For Bullying

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The Love Is Blind Season 6 reunion gave viewers the chance to see where each of the cast members are today. Couples revealed their relationship status after the show and fans got to catch up with a number of people who appeared on the show for the season. This included Trevor Sova. However, Jeramey Lutinski wasn’t a fan of how Trevor was treated on stage at the reunion and he let Nick Lachey know how he felt. Keep reading to see why Jeramey was so upset and why Trevor was grilled in the reunion episode.

Trevor Sova Is Called Out At The Love Is Blind Reunion

Trevor Sova made his way on stage at the reunion and viewers could feel the tension in the air. Vanessa and Nick Lachey did not hold any punches when they began to confront him in front of everyone. It was revealed that Trevor was actually in a relationship while he was on Love Is Blind. 

This is something that is obviously frowned upon, but common with shows similar to Love Is Blind. Oftentimes, cast members take the opportunity to be on the show to try and become famous rather than find their soulmate.

During the confrontation, Vanessa and Nick pulled up screenshots of text messages between Trevor and his now ex-girlfriend. Texts telling the unidentified woman “I love you,” and promises to marry her when he returns from filming flashed across the screen. When confronted with the texts, Trevor was stunned silent.

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“I had a whole thing planned to say,” he finally said. “I don’t know.” He tried to claim that the woman who leaked the texts and he were never in a relationship, to begin with. Everyone present seemed uncomfortable, but Nick Lachey hammered down on Trevor, demanding he answer for his wrongdoing.

“How unfair is it to everyone on the stage …” Nick lashed out at Trevor. “I’ll call out Chelsea directly because there was a moment there that she easily could have said, ‘Trevor, you are the one for me. You’re my life partner.’ Unbeknownst to her, you have someone on the outside.”

Jeramey Lutinski Slams Nick Lachey For How He Treated Trevor

Trevor was visibly shaken up throughout the entire conversation and, despite his best efforts, was continuing to get the third degree from his fellow cast members. Chelsea Blackwell, Brittany Mills, and Amy Cortes all continued to question his motives. Eventually, he asked to leave the stage.

What happened next is what bothered Jeramey Lutinski. Nick Lachey ignored Trevor’s requests to leave and continued to berate him. After a small rant, Nick ended with, “For people who come here with ulterior motives, we’ve gotta call you out for it. So, Trevor, I know you asked to leave. You can leave now, man.”

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Image: Instagram/Jeramey Lutinski

“‘We know you asked to leave. You can leave now,’” Jeramey Lutinski wrote over a photo of the reunion playing on a television. “Correct, when [Trevor] came on stage he was clearly shook. Also, before the texts were shown he said he was not mentally able to handle it at that moment. Instead of letting him go then, he had to sit through it. Except that whole part is missing.” He concluded the Instagram Story, “Mental health is a real thing, people.”

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