Fans Tired Of ‘Golden Bachelor’ Alums Invading ‘The Bachelor’

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Three ladies from The Golden Bachelor made a surprise appearance on The Bachelor to give advice to the final three women. But are fans tired of seeing them? Keep reading for more on how fans reacted to see Sandra Mason, Leslie Fhima, and Susan Noles again.

Joey Graziadei’s Final Three Get Sage Advice

Only three women could win Joey Graziadei’s final rose: Daisy Kent, Kelsey Anderson, or Rachel Nance. The three young women had a surprise waiting for them before their overnight dates with Joey. Three contestants from the first season of The Golden Bachelor traveled to Mexico to share words of wisdom.

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Joey Graziadei and mystery letter/Credit: ABC YouTube

Sandra Mason shared her advice with Daisy, Susan Noles spoke to Rachel, and Gerry Turner’s runner-up, Leslie Fhima, offered sage words to Kelsey. Leslie and Susan are front-runners to be the first Golden Bachelorette, airing this fall on ABC.

This is Susan’s second time appearing on this season of The Bachelor. She was previously joined by her ASKN besties to judge a Mrs. Right contest.

Fans Tired Of Golden Bachelor Alums

Not everyone was happy to see Gerry Turner’s former love interests. One fan took to Reddit to vent in a post titled “Anybody else over the Golden Bachelorettes?”

The OP went on to explain their grievances with Leslie, Sandra, and Susan: “They already trotted them out earlier this season….their fifteen minutes are up. Does anyone really need to see Lesley, Sandy, and the short haired one come out and give their advice? The three finalists have done just fine, they don’t need to hear anything from these women, particularly Lesley.”

Other Bachelor Nation fans flooded the comments in agreement. Check out some of the best comments:

  • Yes, I skipped those parts on the DVR.
  • Yep, sure enough, Lesley made things shi**y for Kelsey. Kelsey didn’t need to hear from that train wreck.
  • Yes like 10 min after their season ended.
  • Leslie is way too jaded from her season to be giving advice
  • My issue is that all those women lost and now they are giving advice on how to end up with Joey.
  • I don’t mind them for now since they’re still the most recently finished season. If this continues much longer I’ll get cranky.

Are you also tired of seeing rejected Golden Bachelor contestants on Bachelor Nation shows? Do you think it will die down after The Golden Bachelorette or get worse? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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