ASKN Ladies’ Friendship Wilts After ‘Golden Bachelor’ Fame?

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April Kirkwood, Susan Noles, Kathy Swarts, and Nancy Hulkower (also known as ASKN) soared to popularity with their enchanting camaraderie on The Golden Bachelor.

They recently made a cameo on Season 28 of The Bachelor, but reportedly had a falling out after filming ended. What happened? Keep reading for what we know so far about the rumored end of their friendship.

ASKN Ladies Help Joey Graziadei Find Love

Only a few episodes of Season 28 of The Bachelor have aired, but Joey Graziadei already needs some help finding his match.

Golden Bachelor contestants April, Susan, Kathy, and Nancy didn’t find love with Gerry Turner, but they formed a strong bond. The ladies named themselves ASKN.

When Joey came ASKN’ for advice, the women were more than happy to offer it. They made a cameo on the latest episode as to judge and moderate the Mrs. Right pageant.

Four older women in beautiful gowns in front of a sign that says "MRS RIGHT"
‘Golden Bachelor’ ASKN ladies: April Kirkwood, Susan Noles, Kathy Swarts and Nancy Hulkower/Credit: April Kirkwood Instagram

Many viewers were happy to see them, but the backstage drama overshadowed their return to the franchise.

Why do Bachelor Nation fans think the ASKN ladies had a falling out since filming their Bachelor cameo?

Rumors Swirl Golden Bachelor Friends Are On The Outs

April Kirkwood herself is the source of the rumors of a feud between the Golden Bachelor friends. In mid-January, the therapist took to her Instagram to explain why she wouldn’t be going with the other three on their much-talked-about trip to St. Martin.

April, 66, listed six reasons why she had to cancel the trip. She explained, “1. I have a job and I can’t keep taking off. 2. My roof had a major leak and I had to pay $4,500.00 so I can’t afford to go. 3. My dogs are freaking out. 4. My son’s birthday is this week and he doesn’t need to see me on a beach at this time in our relationship. 5. I have to go to NY to see my granddaughter and celebrate her 3rd birthday in three weeks so I will be off then. 6. I’m an adult and I have to make decisions that are best for my first love…not partying but my kids and keeping my house.”

But that’s not what started the rumors of a feud. She went on to seemingly allege that the other ASKN ladies sent bullies after her about canceling the trip. “Whoever sent you, please respect me and don’t follow me for their dark dealings,” April wrote.

Bachelor Nation fans on Reddit claim that April and the other women unfollowed each other on social media, too.

April’s Instagram posts are often flooded with comments from fans wanting to know what happened.

  • What was the rift about?
  • Does this mean that they’ve apologized to you, or was this all taped before the Ladies blocked you?
  • Glad this was filmed before you had a falling out because I wanted you to be there.
  • Why did those women block you? They are mean spirited anyway!

Aside from April’s post last month, the other ladies have stayed silent on the rumored falling out.

Do you think the ASKN ladies are still friends, or did something happen to end their friendship? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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