Fans Spot Hickey On ‘Bachelor’ Joey Graziadei’s Neck?

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Monday night Bachelor Joey Graziadei was in Mexico for his three fantasy suite dates. His final three ladies are Daisy Kent, Kelsey Anderson and Rachel Nance. He has a strong connection with all of them. In fact, in the preview, he noted that he’s falling in love with each of them. Now, after fans watched Monday night’s episode, many are questioning if Joey has a hickey on his neck. Does he? Keep reading to find out more.

Does Bachelor Joey Graziadei have a hickey on his neck?

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that after one of Joey’s fantasy suite dates, it appeared he had a hickey on his neck. Nobody knows the order in which the dates actually occurred. Usually, they show them in a different order than what was filmed.

The show aired Daisy’s date last. It was after their date when fans noticed the markings on The Bachelor’s neck. They were standing and kissing each other and it appears there is a hickey on his neck. Of course, it wasn’t mentioned on the show but fans saw it.

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Everyone started talking about it on Reddit.

  • One fan said, “People seem upset by those seem like they were left on accident. If they were on purpose they would have been bigger and darker I’d assume. Hickeys are super easily to leave on accident and those being so small and light I feel like they were not on purpose. They def did IT tho”
  • Another said, “Daisy was definitely trying to make him for for her by being kissy from the minute she saw him.”
  • Someone else said, “I saw and said the same!!!!! I’m sooo back and forth between Kelsey and daisy!”
  • Still, another fan noted, “Someone marked their territory!”

JOey graziadei Hickey

The Show Ended With A Cliffhanger

Previews have been teasing that The Bachelor gets a note from someone saying they need to talk. Joey is very upset in the previews and says this could be his worst nightmare.

Unfortunately, the fantasy suite episode ends with a cliffhanger. Fans will have to wait until Monday, March 18 to find out what happens and who goes home.

This will air at the beginning of the Women Tell All. The woman who goes home after fantasy suites will be appearing in the hot seat on the special next week.

She will most likely get a chance to talk to Joey about how things ended between them.

What do you think of that mark on Joey’s neck? Is it a hickey?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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