Who’s Behind Secret Note To Joey Graziadei On ‘The Bachelor’?

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Joey Graziadei receives a mysterious note during the overnight dates on The Bachelor. Fans speculate over who wrote the note. Keep reading to see if you agree with their conclusion.

What The Note To Joey Graziadei Says

Joey Graziadei is about to have overnight dates with each of his final three women. The Fantasy Suite dates are typically when the Bachelor lead makes his final decision. Viewers can expect the usual drama and tears, but there’s a curveball thrown at the tennis player.

The preview clip shows Joey arriving back at his hotel to find a note sticking in the door. The note prompts a bit of a meltdown for him. In the voiceover, he says that it’s like this “worst nightmare” coming true. Joey has previously opened up about his fear of falling in love with one of the contestants, only for them to reject him.

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Given the contents of the note, is his fear about to come true? The cryptic note simply says, “Joey, We need to talk.” Who wrote the note and what they want to discuss remains a mystery. Is one of the final three going to remove herself from the competition?

You’ll have to tune in to find out. In the meantime, Bachelor Nation fans took to Reddit to dissect every aspect of the note and give their theories on who wrote it and why.

Who’s Behind Secret Note On The Bachelor?

A Bachelor viewer shared a screenshot of the mysterious note from the trailer for the upcoming episode. They speculated that there actually multiple versions of the same note written by different people. The fan wrote, “The note was written by multiple people. Previews have shown 3 separate versions of the same note to Joey. Two different pens are used. Two of the notes use black ink while the other is blue ink. A line above “J” and a pointy “W” appears in one note but not the other. Punctuation at the end also changes from a period to a comma.”

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Credit: Reddit

As you can see, the notes do look slightly different, particularly the “J” in Joey’s name in the first two photos of the note.

Fans Weigh In

Bachelor Nation fans took to the comments to share their own theories about the note. Check out some of the best speculations:

  • I think that first and last note are the same at least. But, the middle one is clearly different that’s pretty funny.
  • Good find, OP! Kelsey tends to use two periods in her ellipses instead of three, which tracks with the top note
  • Watch it be one of the Golden ladies lol
  • I’m not a handwriting expert but as far as I can see, the notes were written by the same person. They just asked her to alter her handwriting and changed pens, while they filmed multiple shots for these trailers.
  • I compared Kelsey’s and daisys handwriting from the bachelor nation website, I’m pretty sure Kelsey wrote it.
  • Every single one written by a producer.
  • The first one that Joey is reading and the 3rd one look like the same one. The second one is written by daisy and is i significant I would guess. The set up by production is real
  • Three different versions of the “same” note written to Joey. Different handwriting, pens and ink.

What do you think about the secret note? Do you think there are different versions of the same note written by different people? Who do you think will get the credit (or blame) for writing it? Who wants to talk to Joey Graziadei? Sound off in the comments.

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