Duff Goldman Injury Update After Horrifying Crash

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A little over a month ago, Food Network star, Duff Goldman was in a horrifying crash. Undeniably, the wreck left Duff with serious injuries from the car accident. But now, Duff gave fans a brief update after the crash.

Duff Goldman Survives A Horrifying Crash

While Duff Goldman has a long-standing history of hit shows on Food Network, the recent crash was alarming with the incurred injuries. After his strong presence in Ace of Cakes and Duff Till Dawn, he didn’t completely hang up his hat, instead, he is often seen judging on Food Network‘s slue of competitions: Spring Baking Championship, Summer Baking Championship, Holiday Baking Championship, and Kids Baking Championship. Sadly, in early February, Duff was hit by a drunk driver on his way home from the airport. He recalls seeing the headlights and thinking, “That guy’s going way too fast.” Then he went through a terrible head-on collision, but in good fortune, he survived.

Duff Discusses His Injuries

While thankfully, he survived, he walked away with serious injuries to his hand. He remembers looking down and seeing it completely covered in blood. Notably, a big part of his trade uses his hands. In a split second, life changes but Duff was quick to recognize how grateful he was to be alive to tell about his big scare. He says, “On my way home from the airport I was thinking about what kind of cake I was going to make for my daughters birthday. Next thing I knew I bleeding and surrounded by airbags. A drunk driver had swerved into my lane on a windy country road.”

Duff Goldman injured hand - Instagram
Duff Goldman injured hand – Instagram

Then he talks about assessing his injuries. He recalls thinking about his feet pointing the “right way” and being able to move his head, indicating he was alive. He says, “After doing a systems check and finding that my only injury was to my hand I thanked my lucky stars that I’d still be there to celebrate her third birthday even if I couldn’t make her cake. I’m fine, but it’s gonna be a long road to recovery, and for someone like me who makes a living with my hands you can imagine that this is no joke.” But his priorities seem straight even in the face of difficulties. Duff knows he is a “lucky one” to be able to live through a drunk driving accident.

Duff Goldman Gives An Update

Now, Duff Goldman gave fans a quick update after his life-altering crash. On his Instagram page, he is walking with his wife and daughter, happily enjoying Disneyland. Then he captions: “Thanks for having us @disneyland! I hope everyone enjoyed the monkeybread at the California Food and Wine festival! We had so much fun.” But fans quickly saw that Duff’s hand was bandage-free! Not only that, he was hand in hand with his daughter soaking in all the wonderful moments that Disneyland could provide on a gorgeous day. This gives fans hope that Duff’s hand is healing well after the startling car accident.

Duff Goldman shows his hand bandage free and holding his daughter's hand. - Instagram
Duff Goldman shows his hand bandage free and holding his daughter’s hand. – Instagram

Undeniably, Duff Goldman is grateful for every second he has with his precious wife and daughter. While he lived through the incident, he is fully aware that he could have died if the driver had taken even a slightly different direction. He says, “There’s no excuse for driving drunk. None. Uber, taxi, call a friend. No excuse. Stay safe friends, count your blessings. If you’re drinking don’t drive, and if you’re driving, don’t drink.”

Do you think Duff Goldman’s hand has made a full recovery? Have you been through anything like this? Drop your comments below.

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