‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Dannielle Merrifield Suffering From Bell’s Palsy?

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Is Seeking Sister Wife star Dannielle Merrifield suffering from Bell’s Palsy? Nearly every season, fans have questioned what is going on with her mouth. It appears to have a slight droop to her lower lip and slants to the side. So, what exactly is going on, is she doing okay, or is she battling something more serious? Read on for more details.

Seeking Sister Wife Dannielle Merrifield Suffering From Bell’s Palsy?

Dannielle Merrifield has been looking for a second wife with her husband, Garrick Merrifield since Season 3 of Seeking Sister Wife. They thought that they had found the right person in Roberta but after two seasons, she proved herself to be a scam artist. She had made them so many false promises, made them believe that she would be moving to America from Brazil, but it never came to fruition. They were left brokenhearted and now they are back with a new potential partner. However, what viewers have been focused on is Dannielle’s mouth with fans wondering if she has Bell’s Palsy.

Dannielle Merrifield-Instagram
Dannielle Merrifield-Instagram

At one time, it came out that she had been accidentally hit in the face with a baseball bat. One of her friends had apparently shared this. Then, Dannielle herself said she was born that way, comparing it to actor Milo Ventimiglia. With the new season underway, a Reddit thread was started to question what was going on with her mouth:

    • I’m not trying to be disrespectful but I don’t remember Danielle only moving one side of her mouth when she spoke last season. It seems very obvious to me this season. Is it maybe Bell’s palsy? Or Botox? She’s a beautiful woman so not throwing any shade.

Did any fellow Redditors have additional answers aside from the baseball bat or being born that way?

  • She had it before, but seems more prevalent now.
  •  I think they said she got hit in the face with a baseball as a kid (?).
  • She said she has always talked that way. She talked about it on Instagram once. She called it something, but I cannot remember the name of the medical issue that causes this

Mixed Answers

Clearly, there are mixed answers as to why the Seeking Sister Wife star’s mouth looks as it does. However, some followers felt that there could be a reason why it looked more pronounced this season than before:

  • I have a feeling she had some lip filler and am wondering if that’s why it’s more noticeable this season?

This could be why and it appeared that maybe Dannielle Merrifield was trying to rectify the situation some. She had shared she was undergoing orthodontia a short while back. It is unclear if she continued with that or has since stopped. In any case, fans are worried and just want a straight answer.

Have you noticed her mouth problems getting worse or does it look the same as always? Let us know and watch Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC.

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