‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Dannielle Merrifield Caught In Lie?

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Seeking Sister Wife comes back early next month. That being said, returning couple the Merrifields are making their presence known. Earlier, Dannielle did a Q&A session with her followers. When she answered a fan, she proved she may have been lying about something all along.

Meeting The Merrifields On Seeking Sister Wife

Dannielle and Garrick joined in Season 3 of the hit TLC reality series. They had met a potential sister wife online but she happened to live in Brazil. They felt the best way to get her over to America was for them to get divorced after over a decade of marriage. Therefore, Garrick could marry their new love, Roberta. First, they flew over to Mexico to make sure she was the right fit for their family and she was. He proposed with the first few days of meeting her in person. When they returned to America, they divorced and proceeded with the plans to get Bert to the states. Of course, it was not easy on their relationship since Dannielle had never seen her husband with another woman let alone so happy.


Viewers felt bad for Dannielle but they also felt she deserved better. By the end of the season, so much was unknown. Bert and Garrick had attempted to make a baby without knowing if she was coming to America. Rumors flew about Dannielle and if she had left the family. Finally, it had been revealed they would be returning for another season. Now they are all over social media and Dannielle took the time to talk to fans. They had some questions and she was not shy. Yet was she completely honest about absolutely everything?

To Tell The Truth

Viewers often questioned a problem with Dannielle’s mouth. After the show ended, she did her first Instagram live and addressed she was in the process of getting some orthodontia. When people had questioned what exactly was wrong with her mouth, a friend claimed she had been hit as a kid with a baseball bat. There was even a Reddit thread about it. People questioned if she had Tourettes or Bell’s Palsy but a Redditor cleared it up. “A friend of hers posted in a Facebook group that she was hit in the face with a baseball bat (accident) in childhood.”


In one video today, someone asked why her face was slanting more than usual. Dannielle noted that she was just born that way. This is not consistent with the stories she has been telling prior. Not that it matters but it was a drastic and noticeable difference. If she is not okay, fans are going to ask.

Do you think Dannielle needs to have a consistent story when it comes to her facial situation or do you not care? Let us know and watch Seeking Sister Wife on June 6th on TLC.


Amanda Nowitz

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  1. Who in the heck cares. Why does TLC put these disgusting shows on. It makes me sick. All these people want is money and publicity. Men just get away with having affairs by claiming there seeking sister wives, BULL. These women are pathetic letting these men pull the wool over there eyes. I won’t be watching “seeking sister wives”. It just amazes me that TLC puts this trash on when they took 19 kids and counting off because of Joachim Duggars actions. Isn’t this the same thing, men having affairs but calling it sister wives!! Just another exploitation of venerable women.

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