Garrison Brown’s Roommate Breaks Silence On Tragedy

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Sister Wives star Garrison Brown’s roommate is breaking their silence on the unimaginable tragedy of his death. He passed away earlier this week from an apparent suicide and was found by his brother, Gabriel Brown. So, what is this roommate saying in the aftermath of Garrison’s untimely passing? Read on for more details.

Garrison Brown’s Roommate Breaks Silence On Tragedy

It had been an ominous time when Garrison Brown allegedly took his own life. However, it was not one of his roommates who ended up finding the twenty-five-year-old but rather his brother, Gabriel. The two have been especially close over the last several years as they had lived with their mother, Janelle Brown. They both navigated the pandemic and the drama that it brought to their family. Janelle fought their father, Kody Brown to keep them in her home as she would not abandon her kids. Garrison eventually bought his own home which Gabriel and their sister, Gwendlyn had talked about living in, as well.

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However, Garrison ended up with three other roommates, one of them being Addison Miele. Miele had given insight into what Garrison’s life had been like prior to his passing. He had claimed the son of Janelle and Kody was “an alcoholic” and said he was “depressed.” The night that Garrison took his own life, Miele shared that he did not hear a gun go off. According to Us Weekly, Miele only has great memories of Garrison:

“All I have to say is that he was a wonderful person with nothing but positivity to give to others. He helped me greatly when I needed a place to stay. He was a good friend and a good landlord. He is a good person and someone I look up to.”

Fans have been heartbroken since this news broke as they have watched Garrison Brown and all of the Sister Wives children grown since 2010. Since he was estranged from his father when he died, fans have gone after Kody Brown on social media. They have also attacked his last remaining wife, Robyn Brown, blaming them for Garrison’s death.

Paying Tribute

As of today, Robyn Brown is the only “parent” to have not paid tribute to Garrison Brown. Both of his parents have posted tributes along with Meri Brown. His siblings reposted what Janelle Brown wrote in their Instagram stories and Christine Brown finally spoke out today, March 7th. No one seemed upset about Christine taking her time as she was the primary caretaker for the Brown children growing up. Therefore, it was understandable if she had no words. Some fans have even jumped to the defense of Kody and said now is not the time to be cruel to him. Hopefully, the family can find peace within each other and the beautiful memories of Garrison.

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If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, there is help at 988

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