Robyn Brown Stays Silent About Garrison’s Passing

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Sister Wives star Robyn Brown has stayed silent over the tragic passing of Garrison Brown. He is the son of her husband, Kody Brown, and his former second wife, Janelle Brown. So, what is going on with Robyn? Read on for more details.

Robyn Brown Stays Silent About Garrison’s Passing

Early on Tuesday, March 5th, 2024, it was announced that Garrison Brown had been found dead by apparent suicide. His brother, Gabriel Brown, was supposedly the one who found him in his Arizona house. Since the horrific news broke, the family has started to speak out and release statements. Garrison’s parents Janelle and Kody Brown released a joint statement per the former’s Instagram. They asked for privacy during this time as there was a hole in their lives forever. At the same time, she turned off comments so no one could say anything negative about the situation.

Janelle Brown, Savanah Brown, Gabriel Brown, Hunter Brown, Garrison Brown, Paedon Brown, Logan Brown, Michelle Petty-Instagram
Janelle Brown, Savanah Brown, Gabriel Brown, Hunter Brown, Garrison Brown, Paedon Brown, Logan Brown, Michelle Petty-Instagram

Then, Kody’s former first wife, Meri Brown shared pictures and posted how devastated she was over the loss of Garrison. Obviously, the OG3 are the ones who were with him from birth and this is something no parent should ever experience. Christine Brown who was Kody’s third wife was the homemaker of the plural family. She has been the one who was credited with raising him while Janelle worked from sunrise to sunset. If she opts to say nothing right now, it is completely understandable. She must be crushed and inconsolable.


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Finally, several of the Brown children reposted Janelle’s tribute in their stories. However, Kody’s last remaining wife, Robyn Brown, has yet to say anything. She is radio silent and her last post was March 11th, 2019. Being Kody’s last remaining wife, it would make sense that she would say something, make a post. Sadly she has not and her followers are livid over this.

The Blame Game

After Garrison Brown’s passing, fans went to Robyn Brown’s Instagram to see what her status was. Once they realized she had not posted anything, they did not hold back:

  • u happy now that Garrison is gone cause u two messed up his life? Kody doesn’t even deserve to go to funeral
  • You should have let that man see his kids. I have step children that don’t respect me but they still get to see their dad. You need to stop being so selfish
  • Way to go Robyn! Garrison passed away! Hope splitting up the family was worth it when they couldn’t even absorb u! 😭
  • And no one has to say sorry to you. I hope Janell does not allow you to go to nothing of her son.
  • are you letting aurora and breanna memorialize their brother or are you keeping them from doing that too ?

So, maybe it is time that Robyn turns her comments off at this point. Are you shocked that she has not said anything or do you understand why she is silent? Do you believe it is because she had tension with the older kids and does not want to stir even more drama? Let us know in the comments below.

If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, reach out to 988

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  1. at this point, she is damned if she does or doesn’t say anything! if she had posted anything, everyone would have said shes being phony and trying to get attention and by not commenting, she’s cold hearted homewrecker and at fault! I’m not a fan of Robin but all of the adults are equally to blame for their family dynamics.

    1. I think Kody and Robyn deserve one and other and should not be allowed to poor Garrisons funeral.She is a bitch & he is a pig,I am so glad the other wife’s left him.

  2. I never liked Robyn Brown. She is a needy, entitled narcissist that cries on point. I gag every time she tears up! UGH Robyn! Do I think Garrison’s suicide is her fault? No but, she contributed enormously to his struggle. Instead of trying to push Kody into relationships he clearly didn’t want to be in, she should have encouraged him to resolve issues with his other children and NOT his adoptive ones. Those children already have a Dad! Shame on you Robyn Brown! Bet you’re crying!

  3. First let me say this, im am sorry for the loss of garrett . this is the most heart breaking thing a parent can have or ever go threw .ive been there and lost my son to suicide. i dont think the blaim is on anyone and not robin. people suicide is something that cant be stopped if someone gets it in their head to do it ..their going too ! prayers to all the browns, i pray god eases all the pain.

  4. The loss of a 25 year old at their own hand is always a tragedy. Unfortunately there will always be blame and I hope that all of his surviving family members can find peace. As a long time viewer it’s difficult NOT to feel like we know this family and what goes on. However it’s important to remember that there are parts of the show that are scripted and we will never know the entire truth. Personally I have my own beliefs on why Garrison made this decision and have decided not to share them in these comments. Everyone has opinions and I’m sure there are a variety of opinions and beliefs surrounding it. I would like to encourage folks that feel the need to be outspoken and brutal in their opinions to join some Facebook groups where that kind of thing is welcomed. Let’s leave these comments as support, sympathy and love for the survivors. Garrison, you were truly loved by more that you will ever know. I hope you have found the peace you have been seeking. Goddess bless.

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