Robyn Brown’s Ugly True Colors Revealed By Least Likely Incident

Robyn Brown, Sister Wives

Although Sister Wives viewers have changed their opinions on Robyn Brown over the years, now revisiting earlier episodes seems to unveil a side of her that many originally didn’t see. In later years, now people see her to be more cruel and vindictive in nature than they originally thought. Recently, Sister Wives fans were reviewing old footage and came across an incident with Robyn Brown. After seeing the interaction, fans believe that Robyn reveals her ugly true colors on camera early on.

Robyn Brown’s Actions Are Telling In Early Years

On the popular form Reddit, Sister Wives viewers gave their thoughts on an early episode. While referring to an incident with the dog at Meri Brown’s surprise birthday party after scoping out houses in Las Vegas, fans pick up on Robyn Brown’s cruelty. Correspondingly, one fan says, “Robyn kicking the dog confuses me so much.” Then they add, “I’ve seen the video but I almost can’t believe my eyes. Why would she do that knowing they were being filmed? Is this behavior normalized for her/the family? Why would she feel so comfortable doing that? Is she afraid of dogs? I dont get it. (Please understand I am not defending her I am just trying to understand why she did that lol).”

Robyn Brown kicks the family dog at Meri's surprise party. - Sister Wives
Robyn Brown kicks the family dog at Meri’s surprise party. – Sister Wives

Robyn Brown Reveals Her Ugly True Colors

After the initial post, several others familiar with Sister Wives gave some feedback. Many people think that Robyn Brown reveals her ugly true colors in this least likely incident. Undeniably, some fans don’t think it was an accident, but instead her normal behavior. While some think that hindsight truly is twenty-twenty when looking back at Robyn’s actions.

  • “Slip up. Didn’t remember that they were being filmed. True colors came out!”
  • “Agree. I watched sister wives and missed a lot. The more I learn about get the uglier she becomes to me. The only good thing she was for was helping the og 3 leave ramen noodle head .”
  • “Yep, it’s a normal reflex for her that she forgot to control.”
  • “Yes and normalized in her sh*tty family.”

Robyn kicking the dog confuses me so much
byu/missg1rl123 inSisterWives

Some People Say, Robyn Brown Was Expecting Edits

Within the comments, Sister Wives fans discuss that Robyn Brown’s behavior appears to be her normal way of dealing with the family dog. While others believe she was being herself and with the expectation of edits.

  • “I think she’s used to being able to behave badly and have Kody force the other wives/children to excuse her behavior. So she’s less on guard around the cameras because she expects a good edit.”
  • “It was dark. She probably thought no one could see. It was also instinct for her cuz she’s an evil b*tch, cameras or no cameras.”
  • “Robyn probably thinks she is doing the right thing as a mother, keeping the canine and OG13 vermin away from her kids.”
  • “I believe she just acted, without thought,; therefore, the camera caught a moment of the real Robin, rather than her “sweet, yet ignorant” persona, that she puts on for the public.”

Fans Continue To Discuss Her Behavior

Additionally, other fans can’t understand Robyn Brown’s choice to cause pain to an animal.

  • “I swear if I were a witness to this behavior, I don’t know if I would be able to control myself. Who kicks an innocent animal??”
  • “She’s just wicked.”
  • “She can’t keep the mask on all the time. It does slip. It does a lot when you go back and watch. We just weren’t paying attention. In many scenes she is pissed or giving the OG3 dirty looks. She was given a pass for way too long.”
  • “I agree that the family has never been good dog owners…or children raisers. As you said, we saw them leave dogs outside or behind in a different state. Based on how their children behaved I can’t imagine the dogs were treated any better – given any appropriate discipline or taught how to behave.”

Some Fans Think She “Nudges” The Dog

But other Sister Wives fans think the scene was a misinterpretation. Although it wasn’t a popular opinion, some perceived the incident as a “nudge” from Robyn Brown to get the dog out of the way.

  • “I’ve watched the footage a lot of times. Based on what I saw she didn’t full-on kick the dog, but I can see how people interpret it as she did because of the angle at which the camera caught it [and then later Robyn’s comment about not being fond of animals, and people just conflate those things together]. If you watch it carefully though, her foot never touches the dog. As the dog was running up on her excited, from that angle, she catches it with the inside of her leg and shoo’s it back.” But someone rebuttals, “All 4 paws were off the ground. She kicked him hard enough to catch air.”
  • Additionally, someone else adds, “Yeah I agree. It looks to me like she threw her leg up to deter the dog but he ran into her at just the right angle & flew off. I think k she was not gentle in the interaction but I don’t think she full on kicked him.”

Is it a kick or is #robynbrown pushing the dog with her foot? #sisterwives #sisterwivestiktok

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What do you think? Is Robyn Brown’s incident with the dog an early tell of her ugly true colors? Do you think she was just pushing the dog to the side since her hands were full? Was she protecting her children? Are you missing Sister Wives? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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  1. She straight KICKED that dog!!! How can anyone say she did not??? That poor furbaby flew through the air with all four legs off the ground. She is sickening!!

  2. I agree her true colors are coming out. She should be charged with animal cruelty. Does she trick her kids that way with she gets angry? Sick person!

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