‘American Idol’ Hopeful Gets Confused With Dolly Parton

American Idol is barely into its latest season and, already, the caliber of talent is staggering. It is also starting to look like this could be “the year of country music.” Many of the singers who have earned golden tickets to Hollywood to complete the audition process have been country music singers. Aniston Pate is one country music singer who just might get one of those elusive (and exclusive) golden tickets. This is especially true if she keeps confusing the judges like she did in her audition.

Who Is Aniston Pate?

Aniston Pate describes herself as “a tractor driver here to play country music.” She also revealed she is from West Texas. She sang “Hummingbird.” This is an original song Pate wrote with the help of a friend. “Hummingbird” was a song her mother inspired her to write.

What the American Idol contestant failed to mention about herself is the fact she is confusing. So confusing, the judges were taken aback by the similarities of both her voice and her songwriting abilities to the iconic “I Will Always Love You” and “Coat Of Many Colors” singer, Dolly Parton.

Dolly Parton/YouTube

Aniston Pate Two American Idol Judges Singing

After offering a little advice to improve “Hummingbird,” Luke Bryan, along with Katy Perry, combined their voices to sing the American Idol‘s original song. Pate was flabbergasted to hear both Bryan and Perry singing her song.

“Luke Bryan just sang a song that I wrote,” Aniston Pate almost squealed with delight. “Katy Perry sang a song I wrote too!”

American Idol Judge Lionel Ritchie Reveals His Thoughts

Luke Bryan and Katie Perry weren’t the only two judges impressed by Aniston Pate. So was the “All Night Long” singer, Lionel Ritchie. He was the first judge to make the comparison between Pate and country megastar Dolly Parton.

“About halfway through the first verse, I had to open my eyes and go, ‘Is that you, Dolly?'” Ritchie admits to Pate. The young singer is, as expected, overwhelmed by such high praise.

American Idol‘s Year Of Country Music?

There have been several country music singers to get golden tickets to Hollywood. One of the most talented of those country singers has been Emmy Russell. She, like Aniston Pate, wrote and performed her own song, “Skinny.”

It is unknown if Aniston Pate will get a golden ticket so she will be able to continue her American Idol journey. With a voice like hers and her songwriting ability, both being compared to the super talented Dolly Parton, it is quite possible this young singer will get that ticket to Hollywood. Fans of American Idol will have to stay tuned to ABC on Sunday nights to see if she makes it through to Hollywood Week on American Idol.


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