Former ‘Bachelor’ Host Chris Harrison Hints At Television Comeback

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Former Bachelor host Chris Harrison hints he may be making a television comeback. If he does what will he be doing? Keep reading to find out what he had to say to fans.

Is Chris Harrison Returning To Television?

Former Bachelor host Chris Harrison was removed from his duties after his controversial interview with former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay. He was defending Rachael Kirkconnel regarding a photo she had taken in college that was perceived as racist by many.

When Chris left the show, they did pay him a substantial amount of money to go quietly. He didn’t say anything for a long time. Eventually, he started his own podcast where he has been sharing more about his experience on the reality dating show.

Many have begged Chris to return as host of The Bachelor. However, that is highly unlikely to ever happen. In fact, he’s been slamming the show and saying it was a very toxic environment. So, if he’s not coming back to The Bachelor why is everyone thinking he’s making some kind of a comeback?

Chris Harrison via Instagram courtesy ABC
Chris went to X to repost a tweet that was shared in 2022. The tweet said, “Hate him all you want but Chris Harrison knew how to control the show. Especially the tell all’s @chrisbharrison #Bachelor #TheBachelor”

There is a gif of Chris and he’s looking smug and also appears to be thinking.

Chris retweeted this and added his own caption this week. He said, “But wait…why hate him all you want? 😂. Miss you all too…I’ll see you soon”

What does he mean by this?

Fans Have Theories About What He Means

Bachelor fans have theories about what Chris Harrison could be talking about. Many think he had a clause in his contract that he could not be a host for a dating show for so many years following his departure from the show.

Someone said, “He’s probably going to host a knock off version of the show on some random channel.” Another fan chimed in saying, “He probably had two-year non-compete clause with The Bachelor franchise as part of his contract buy out…I predict he and Lauren will host/produce a romance show sooner rather than later for a streaming company.”

Chris Harrison and Lauren Zima Pic

So far Chris has not posted anything else after that teaser.

What do you think Chris Harrison could be up to? Stay tuned for more updates on all your Bachelor Nation favorites.

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